Legs That Won’t Walk Chapter 40 & 39: Spoiler, Release Date, READ ONLINE

As everyone knows, just a few days back, a BL manga known as ‘Legs That Won’t Walk’ completed their first season. It is an ongoing dark romance webtoon. Fans are wondering when the author is releasing the second season. Read below for full coverage on Legs That Won’t Walk Chapter 40.

Synopsis of Legs That Won’t Walk

Legs That Won't Walk Chapter 40 & 39
Legs That Won’t Walk Chapter 40 & 39

Legs that won’t walk is a dark romance webtoon illustrated by Heuksalgu and published by Lezhin. It is a BL or you can say Boy’s Love story. It is still ongoing. The story is about a former boxer named Soo-young who retired due to a leg injury. He learns that he has to pay off his father’s debt when Tae-Seung the private moneylender chased him. Captivated by Soo-young’s figure, Tae-Seung offers him an alternative- to learn the ropes and start from the rock bottom. Read the webtoon to know whether their dangerous relationship will work or will it be another living hell for Soo-young.

Is there any spoiler, release date, or where to read this webtoon?

As of now, there is no spoiler yet. The author hasn’t released any info about it. But in the previous chapter, the illustrator Heuksalgu has confirmed that the next chapter will be the starting of the second season. Everyone is loving this webtoon because it is unique. There are BL webtoons that almost have the same storyline but this doesn’t. There is no BL that has a boxer as the main character and the romance between these guys is on another level. So, guys let’s wait for the announcement.

If you wanna read this webtoon, you can read it on Viz comics.

Who are the characters In Legs That Won’t Walk Chapter 40?

Legs That Won't Walk Chapter 40 & 39: Spoiler, Release Date, READ ONLINE
Legs That Won’t Walk Chapter 40


  • Suyeong is the main character who is a retired boxer and because of his injury, he cannot walk properly.
  • Park Taesung is the main character and the private moneylender of Suyeong.
  • Song Ji-sung is the one who offers Suyeong a job in the gym and also the one who loves him.
  • Zhou Yu Long is a president who threatened Mr.Kim.
  • Mr. Kim is the one who took the money and was suspected of reporting activities to Zhou.
  • Sang-Cheol is the one who hits, Mr. Kim, with a baseball.

Recap: Legs That Won’t Walk Chapter 39:

In the previous chapter of Legs That Won’t Walk, Suyeong was seen beaten by some bad guys. The guy hit him on his head and Suyeong was unmoving. They thought he was dead but Suyeong woke up biting his leg. He struck Suyeong’s shoulder with a knife. At that time, Taesung came with his gang and beat them up. Taesung pulled out the knife from Suyeong. The last episode of the first season ends with Taesung carrying Suyeong in his arms and walking away.

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