Painter of the Night Chapter 69 : Spoiler, Release Date, Characters, Recap

Painter of the night is as classic and deep as its name suggests and is filled with romance breaking the barrier of gender in love. Now the reader is awaiting Painter of the Night chapter 69. Now they want to know the following:

  • When and where to watch Painter of the night chapter 69?
  • What does the next chapter hold on?

Painter of the Night: Plot and Characters

The story of Painter of the night revolves around the artist Na-kyum who is a very talented painter. The night here in the name of the manga is actually portraying the genre of his art i.e his erotic paintings of men that he creates via his imaginations. He has a fear regarding his skills and is constrained by the barriers of society. This has been the reason that he published his collection but with a pseudo name, not revealing his identity. In this whole journey, he also ends up quitting his painting.

The next major character is Seungho who comes as a boost supporter to Na-kyum. Seungho knowing his exceptional skills hires Na-Kyum as his personal painter and gives a new life to his artistic skills. But with this support also came his lustful love towards Na-Kyum and that’s why the story has very intimate twists and turns to await.

Painter of the Night Chapter 69:

Created by Byeonduck, Painter of the night has already travelled the journey of 68 chapters and is now ready for the next chapter.

Painter of the Night Chapter 69 is going to be a continuation of the journey of Na-Kyum. We will also get to know more about the relationship between Na-Kyum & Seungho. We may also witness a dark angle to this story by a changed action from Seungho.

When and Where to read the next chapter:

Painter of the Night Chapter 69 is expected to be released by this weekend i.e Sunday. However, there’s nothing official about it. But if released, it will be made available on the official site of it. But the hype is really high and the next chapter will surely make up for that.

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