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The rage of 2-Dimensional entertainment such as manga, manhwa, and anime has reached its popularity peak not only in the regions around Japan and China where its roots are from, but it’s circumnavigating the whole world. One of the big names among the raging titles of this industry is Tower Of God. The Tower of God and its upcoming Chapter 486 is a fantasy-shounen-themed webtoon in South Korea in the creative dwelling of SIU who wrote and illustrated this beautiful masterpiece. This masterpiece was conceived in its entirety by the Naver Corporation’s webtoon platform Naver Webtoon in June 2010.

The official English translations of the teeth gripping manhwa began in July 2014 which were carried out by Line Webtoon. The manhwa became an astounding success, this, in turn, led to it being adapted into an anime series by Telecom Animation Film. Before spreading like a wildfire and making its unshakable impression on the masses in Japan. The anime was premiered on Naver Series On and was broadcasted in the whole of South Korea.

What Is The  Delay In Tower of God Chapter 486 All About?  

Tower of God Chapter 486 Spoiler, Release Date, Characters, Recap

The illustrator of Tower of God, SIU mentioned in a heartfelt note to his fans that he will be taking a break from publishing his creative brainchild. This break had become a mandatory requirement as SIU’s health had been deteriorating at a much faster pace. The series saw an undefined break in its continuation. Some fans were afraid that is Tower Of God going against HunterXHunter in terms of long breaks.

When Will The Long Wait Of Tower of God Chapter 486 Come To An End? 

On December 31, 2020, the fans got a long-awaited New Year’s gift. SIU through his Twitter account confirmed that the 486th chapter might not be too far from its release. And the fans would catch its glimpse in mid-2021. The tweet from SIU can be loosely translated to, “Happy New Year 2021^^ I don’t use my right hand these days, so I try to draw with my left hand. It’s a bit crooked because it’s the first time, and everything is clumsy, but I wish you a good New Year’s greeting. Be healthy and happy”. This came as a glimmer of hope for the fans as this was proof that SIU’s hands might be giving out, but his writer’s soul isn’t.

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The is no official news about Tower of God chapter 486th release date. But fans are hopeful that they’ll once again be able to dwell in the Tower of absolute power. And see the journey of their favorite protagonist Baam in his long and tedious journey to find the only person closest to him, Rachel. On December 13, 2020, SIU posted that he has been slowly and steadily working on writing more chapters. As he wasn’t comfortable with the feeling that his assistants would be thrown under the bus because of his deteriorating health. He ended up completing 10 chapters while being under the supervision of his doctors and has been showing signs of improvement too.

Where To Read Online Next Chapter?

As soon as the next chapter is released you can read it from here.

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