Berserk Chapter 364: Release Date, Spoiler, Storyline, Read Manga

Berserk Chapter 364 : Release Date Spoiler

Update Alert! Berserk Chapter 364 will be soon released. Keep reading to know more about the show’s upcoming storyline.

The show is presented by Kentaro Miura and showcases the era of Medieval Europe-stirred in a Dark Fantasy World, ‘Berserk’ is an animated manga series. Originally it started in 1988 in Monthly Animal House which now goes by the name Young Animal. This manga has also been produced twice into anime series and there have also been movies of it. Read all about the latest manga Berserk Chapter 364, Release Date and Spoilers.

Storyline So Far Till Chapter 363

Not only Berserk truly is remarkable and a masterpiece it is also the most admired manga show. The Story is about Guts a small baby found by an assassin called Gambino who also raises Guts as a mercenary. Eventually for all the wrongdoings Guts murdered Gambino and runs away.

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Guts make a name for himself for being ruthless which grasp the attention of Griffith the bewitching leader of the mercenary group called ‘The Band of Hawk’. Griffith overpowered Guts in a battle and makes Guts join his band. From there the story goes a long way where he fights against Griffith and falls in love with Casca, these series have about 40 volumes of copies around. Currently, it is about to run Berserk Chapter 364, soon.

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Berserk Chapter 364 Release Date

All over the world fans are eagerly waiting for Berserk Chapter 364 to get released as soon as possible. We believe Berserk Chapter 364 Will Release in May this year. These manga series have a reputation of releasing chapters irregularly. Honestly, in most cases would have fired away fans. Especially manga readers don’t wait this long but due to its exceptional storyline, the readers are still hooked on this series. Most of the Berserk Manga readers are old otaku who are following it for the past 20 years.

What To Expect From Berserk Chapter 364: Spoiler Alert!

 Berserk Chapter 364: Release Date, Spoiler, Storyline, Read Manga

The previous Chapter of Berserk ended with a major Cliffhanger yet again making its fans delirious. Now everyone is waiting for the Berserk Chapter 364. The Spoiler for the upcoming next chapter hasn’t been out yet. Usually, it comes before the release date is announced. But as soon as the release date and spoilers are out we will update it here.

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