GTA 6 Maps Leaked, Gameplay, Time Period: Know Every Detail About Mission Hours

Update Alert! GTA 6 Maps Leaked. Know Every Detail About Mission Hours, Time Period and other things. Keep reading get all the updates.

GTA 6 Maps Leaked

We all have played GTA once in our life. Whether it’s San Andres or Vice City. We have very some sweet and sour memories with it. Killing people without any reason, using cheat codes are some of the things that we did in the game. It is one of the best games of our childhood.

But since the age of the Internet, the game has lost its popularity. Now, online multiplayer games are dominating the market. People find GTA boring. But, recently it is announced that a new version of the game GTA 6 is about to release. So, let’s find out what new things we are getting in this new version game.

GTA 6 Maps Leaked, Gameplay, Time Period: Know Every Detail About Mission Hours

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When we talk about its map the news is that it will be somewhat the same as Vice City. A few years ago a former employee of the game company said that GTA 6 will have three towns on one map. And it will be smaller compared to GTA 5. So, it is safe to assume that we will get to see more obstacles in the game as the map could be smaller than the one we got before.

Detail About Mission Hours

It is said that the programmers are trying to make it harder than the GTA 5 and they are planning to reduce its mission hours. If this news is true then I can imagine that doing time pass in the game. And killing people for fun will be a hard thing to do. However, as of now, there is no official news from the creators of the game Rockstar Games. So it is safe to assume that mission hour will be similar to the previous one in GTA 6.

GTA 6 Maps Leaked, Gameplay, Time Period: Know Every Detail About Mission Hours

Details about Time Period and Lead Character in GTA 6

When we talk about GTA 5 it was inspired by a Mafia. Well, it was good, isn’t it? So, the next version is also said to have a drug king. Some people on Reddit are saying that the game is set in 1970. It was said on Reddit group that there will be a leader who is a drug king. It is to be expected that we can see some similarities between GTA 6 and Red Dead Redemption 2. pretty Exciting right? So, tell us in the comment section what are you most excited about in this upcoming game.

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