Fans are wondering and at the same time are excited about Kingdom chapter 671. The previous ends with a cliffhanger. People, don’t be upset, the next chapter will be releasing soon. For more, read the full coverage.

Kingdom Storyline So Far- Explained 

Yasuhisa Hara is the creator and writer of this Japanese manga series Kingdom. It Teis a fictional story. Shueisha is the publisher of this manga.

The story is about the Warring States period in China. About two youngsters named Xin and Piao dreamt of becoming Great Generals even though they are of lower status. Piao, come across a man of high status who gave him the chance to manage important duties in Qin’s royal palace. From that day, they part ways and promised to become prominent generals in the world.

But a tragedy occurs when Xin meets with a dying Piao. Piao in his last moment told Xin to encounter the young and soon-to-be king og Qin, Ying Zheng. Although Xin and Zheng are on bad terms, they become companions and start on a path filled with trials and bloodshed. Zheng’s aim is to bring all the warring states under Qin while Xin dreams of becoming general. Between states and great political unrest of constant tactical battle both outside and within the palace, let’s see whether their two ambitions will change the history forever.

Kingdom Chapter 670 Recap

Kingdom Chapter 671

In Kingdom Chapter 670, Rei was seen apologizing to everyone. Shin told her if she does it again, they will chase her out and must listen to superiors. From today, they will be comrades who help each other. Shin goes inside Kyouka’s tent and saw Rei performing a ritual for Kyoukai. He apologizes for interrupting. When Shin asked Rei what Rei was doing, she replied saying a prayer to allow Kyoukai to move around like her.

Shin asked why they are doing something stupid but Rei said Kyoukai told him to. Kyoukai told him, no but later admits. A messenger came to tell Shin that he is needed. Kyoukai told him to go and he will follow a bit later. Rei says she is thankful to Kyoukai for saving him or else Shiki will kill her if Rei didn’t kill him. Later, Kyoukai and Rei are heading to the meeting. With Rei joining the HSU, they will be able to grow stronger and will save the HSU many times.

Kingdom Chapter 671 Spoilers

In Chapter 671, maybe we will find out who the 6 generals are. And also we will see capturing Zhao is not an easy task. For more spoilers Kingdom Chapter 671, manga lovers don’t worry, the author might release anytime soon.

Kingdom Chapter 671 Release Date and Where To Read

Kingdom Chapter 671: Spoilers, Release Date, Raw Scans

As of now, there is no English translation, only Raws scans are available. The English translation might release tomorrow. Korean and Japanese translations are available for people who know these languages. You can read it on Weekly Young Jump manga.

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