My Suha chapter 73, 72 Read Manga Spoiler, Release Date, Characters

My Suha, yaoi is taking over the viewer’s heart more quickly than other manga series. Soon My Suha chapter 73 is about to release. Keep reading for more updates.

My Suhu: Plot

The love between a boss and a secretary has been the main plot of many stories. Pertaining not only to the world of the 2-Dimensional industry of manga and manhwa. But also to the real-world industry too. This plot has also made its way into the Yaoi community of the manhwa and manga industry. The upcoming My Suha chapter 73 would hopefully keep up with the previous work. The yaoi community is one of the major pillars of the manga and manhwa community among the isekai, harem, action, shounen, and many other such communities.

The office plot provides all the necessary comedy fodder. There are many side characters such as Park Do-Hyeok who is Suha’s ex-boyfriend, Lee Minseo who is the adorable little sister of Suha, and many more interesting people. The romantic dalliance between the boss and his secretary has been one of the major attractions in the yaoi community. My Shua is a great addition to the yaoi community and mostly targets Adult audiences. It will soon premiere My Suha chapter 73, which everyone is eagerly waiting for.

What Has Happened: Recap Till My Suha chapter 72?

My suha chapter 73 Spoiler, Release Date, Characters, Recap

The story begins when the skilled secretary Lee Shua accidentally meets his well-groomed boss Park Jiwoon while leaving the restroom of a gay bar. Suha who wears the shoes of a one-night stand favored a smooth talker. Also, he is currently facing a dry spell in his sexual encounters. However, he was approached by a guy when he was mending his sorrows with the bartender Siwoo who always helps out Suha.

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My Suha chapter 73 Spoilers!

Though anticipating a one-night stand with the guy who approached Suha was disappointed by sexual prowess. As he was leaving the restroom where he was making out with that guy. He basically met someone who he didn’t anticipate to be there. His boss who had turned many heads when he entered the bar with his stylish looks and high maintained lifestyle was standing right before him. This revelation then later on bloomed into a relationship. It would be really interesting to see what happens in the upcoming My Suha chapter 73.

In the most recent release of the 72nd chapter of My Shua, we can see that Jiwoon has still some regrets from the past. Though drowned in those regrets he soon remembers the present. Jiwoon tells Shua that he no longer has to go to work and can simply telework from home. This is Jiwoon’s way to shoulder Shua’s responsibility.

When Is Chapter 73 Of My Shua Going To Release? 

My suha chapter 73 Spoiler, Release Date, Characters, RecapIn the latest chapter 72 of My Shua, Chahyun said that the My Shua’ second part has ended and would come back with its third part in spring. So the fans can expect the release of My Suha chapter 73 to happen in First Week of March.

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