UQ Holder Chapter 181: Spoiler Release Date, Read Manga

Published By Kodansha Comics and written by Ken Akamatsu UQ Holder! is set in the world of few generations later in the writer’s previous work Negima! Magister Negi Magi. This Story is simply amazing, it has completed a total of 24 volumes and is still ongoing. For full coverage on UQ Holder Chapter 181, Keep Reading.

UQ Holder Storyline So Far- Explained !!

The Story focuses on a boy named Tota Konoe, who is the grandson of Negi Springfield. His dream is to live in the big city Shin-Tokyo which has a tower rising into space. After getting seriously injured by a bounty hunter while trying to save his guardian’s life, he is shocked to find out that his guardian Yukihime has turned him into an immortal Vampire and that in fact, his guardian herself is a 700-year-old Vampire Mage Evangeline A.K. McDowell. While leaving Shin-Tokyo they pick up another boy named Kuromaru and move to a place or more of a secret society called UQ Holder!

UQ Holder Chapter 181
UQ Holder Chapter 181

UQ Holder! a secret society which is a build-up of strong immortals led by Evangeline or also known as Yukihime, Tota is a young boy around 14 years old who has lived his entire life with his Master and Guardian who is one and the same Yukihime and while trying to save her life he had such injury that Yukihime had to turn him into an immortal vampire. The UQ Holder’s members reside at Fairyland Manor, and their work is to protect and watch other immortals on earth as well as save humans from nefarious immortals. The members of this society each specialize in their own way.

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UQ Holder Chapter 181: Release Date And Spoilers

No official statement or news has been announced for the release of Chapter 181 of UQ Holder! and also we cannot speculate any spoilers as of now but since we saw in the previous chapter 180 the magic barrier has been undone by Ikku Ameya whose mission is to capture Tota Konoe and destroy their ship. Jinbei, Tota, and kuromaru hold up together and Jinbei tells Tota to find Santa because he is their only hope in fighting against Ikku while Kuromaru fights against elite demons. Watching Kuromaru fight those demons in such a spectacular way Tota realizes while he was stuck, Kuro has trained and become powerful. While Ikku is fighting Juzo, Tota releases Santaro who takes back the control of the ship.

After fending off the attack Tota receives a call from Nikumaru Tanaka and while visiting them Tota feels bad that they had to endure all of it alone and he was asleep for the past 45 years. It seemed like Tota had forgotten that due to him 45 years ago the world was saved which everyone tells him how he did the good deed and to keep his head high because he fulfilled his promise.

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