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Lady Baby Introduction

Love has been a central plot to numerous amounts of stories which have been not only adapted into movies but now has become a very basic and essential plot in any and every story line. The manga and manhwa industry is no exception, as many many stories include such intricate blooming of relationships between the main character and the beautiful maidens within the story line. Some even go beyond the normal norms and provide us with a window in a single individual’s life who is being chased by a considerably huge number of people, this comes under the banner of Harem and Romantic community as well. Currently the title that is making huge waves of buzz among the manga and manhwa fanatics alike is the JU Hyeon written and Pingmin illustrated Lady Baby. Read Our full coverage on Lady Baby Chapter 114.

This wonderful and mysterious genre oriented manhwa was first released in the year 2018. This amazing blizzard of grade A content which is also imbued with the mystical element of time travel. The drama takes us back in time, and provides us with a window in the life of a lovely young maiden named Calliope.

What Has Happened Till Now In Lady Baby? Storyline Before Lady Baby Chapter 114

The story revolves around a little young lady named Calliope Rustichel who was framed for her father Duke Rustichel’ untimely death. This sorrowful and mysterious demise of her father was then followed by her eldest brother Lucius “Lus” Rustichel who disappeared without a single trace. Her playful and ever so joyous brother lost his smile and went on a journey to find the whereabouts of Lucius and his father. But even he returned home with his skin turned black and his bones twisted.

These strings misfortunes led Calliope’s mother into great despair which further led to her demise. While mourning in front of her family’s grave she dedicated a song to them which brought down the angels who gave her another chance at her life by turning back the laws of time. Calliope finds herself in the time when she was a baby and prepares herself to the mysteries that would befall her family.

In chapter 113 of this wonderful manhwa we witnessed that Calliope, in search for an unbiased opinion about her song from a person in authority goes to meet the Duchess of Castillo. Where she manages to impress the Duchess with a little nudging from Asterias “Rias” Castillos. Her ideas about the Domination of Empire by the Temple greatly impressed the Duchess.

Lady Baby Chapter 114 Release Date & Spoiler- When Will Hear Calliope Sing Again?   

Lady Baby 114

Though the manga is following a pattern of a weekly release by releasing each chapter on each saturday, there isn’t any updates regarding that until now. The fans are expecting a release in the coming week. So we might soon get to witness the warm and calming voice Calliope and see whether she is able to impress the duchess of Castillo.

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