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When Will Berserk Manga Ever End? Ending date, Spoiler, Latest updates and More

When Will Berserk Manga Ever End? Latest Update

Berserk is going strong since the late 1990s and has gained the heart of Millenials as well as gen Z. But that raises a question when Will Berserk Manga Ever End? Keep reading to get all the latest updates.

Will Berserk Manga Ever End?

Berserk is one of the best manga when we talk about original mangas. Berserk started even before we were born and it is still going on. I remember the first time when I read it. I was blown away by the storytelling and other things. Adventures of Guts is one of the best things that happened in the whole manga. It has been more than 30 years since the manga is realizing its episodes.

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Since then a lot of mangas started and ended. Even their enemies also ended. Bleach Anime is one example of this anime. so, the question is Will Berserk Manga Ever End? In this post, we are going to tell you the latest updates on how Berserk Ends.

When Will Berserk Manga Ever End? Latest Update

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According to the recently released issue of the manga, it is to be speculated that the manga has come to its end. After 30 years we might get to know all the secrets about the worlds of Guts, Casca, and Griffith. Have you read the latest issue of Berserk. What are your thoughts on Berserk End? Tell us in the comments below. And to know more if Will Berserk Manga Ever End? Read the article.

Berserk Ending: Details 

Naruto ended long ago, even our favorite Dragon ball ended. But Berserk is still going on. The anime is one of its kind that has been our favorite for generations. There is still uncertainty on when it might end. But, to be on the safe side we can assume that the manga will go on for another two to three years.

We can say this for sure because there is only one thing left in the manga. That is related to the story of guts. From starting of the show everything is leading to the one thing “Guts versus Griffith”. Every clue and every piece of the show is about this great war. So, to answer your question Will Berserk Manga Ever End. Yes, in the next few years it will. When Will Berserk Manga Ever End? Latest Update

Of course, there are other stories but when we see an overview of the show we can find out that everything is leading to one great war that is Guts versus Griffith. The white Hawk vs the black Hawk is also leading to Berserk End.

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To know more about the manga stay tuned with The Global Coverage.

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