The new announcement by Netflix has come around with many news about the upcoming Godzilla Singular Point. The earlier Godzilla movies have seen many ups and downs. The actions and adventures of the Godzilla series have always been a positive response from fans.

Recently, Netflix has announced the upcoming animated series. Although, Netflix has suffered through a certain negative trilogy about the animated series. But, this new announcement has been anticipated to be very exciting and encouraging for more fanbase.

Godzilla Singular Point Release Date

On the last 6, 2020 Netflix along with Toho Animation has brought up the very interesting and awaiting announcement for the Godzilla Singular Point, an animated series.

Godzilla is scheduled to be released by April 1, 2021, on many online platforms such as Tokyo MX and several channels. This animated series is under the direction of Atsushi Takahashi along with the script by Toh EnJoe. Besides, the debut for this animated series is scheduled to premiere by March 25, 2021, in Japan on Netflix.

Godzilla Singular Point, Cast

As being an animated series, the upcoming Godzilla: Singular Point have been up with an extremely adventurous storyline and voice over by some quite prominent celebrities. Godzilla has included Yume Miyamoto voice-over as Kamino, Shõya Ishige voice-over as Yun Arikawa, Wataru Takagi voice-over as Gorõ Ōtaki, Misaki Kuno voice-over as Pero 2, Rie Kugimiya voice-over as Jung and many more.

Besides, artists like Ayako Takeuchi, Yōhei Azakami, Jin Urayama, Kaho Kõda, Kenichi Suzumuru, Ryõtarõ Okiayu, Kotori Koiwai, Masalo Isobe and Kente Miyake will also be seen performing voice-over for several characters.

Godzilla Singular Point Theme and Spoiler

The previous Netflix’s animated trilogies revolve around the storyline of starting a new human culture on a new planet with the sense of habitat. The upcoming Godzilla: Singular Point has set for the apocalypse after Godzilla’s destruction. The humans decided to find a new planet with a sense of humanity in it but, as they failed, this will bring them back and fight for their planet Earth from Godzilla.

Godzilla Singular Point Release date, Spoiler, Cast and More

Meanwhile, the new discovered Kaiju has become more powerful and tendentious. This brings up more challenges for them and so make this more adventurous and interesting.

The collaboration between the Orange and Bones studios has cams up with this very interesting storyline. This new series is anticipated to be very fascinating. So, let’s see where this series can seize its audience.

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