Walk On Water Chapter 63: Will there be more chapters or not?

A remarkable BL manhwa series Walk On Water ended but is there more to it. Kidari Studio released this manhwa. Jang Mokdan is the author and Jaxx is the illustrator. Scroll down to know what is the storyline, the characters, and more on Walk On Water Chapter 63.

What is the story of Walk on Water?

Walk On Water Chapter 63

Walk on Water manhwa story characters is based on the real one set in New York City. The story starts with a broke bodyguard named Ed needed money to pay off his late grandfather’s debts. But he lacks both in terms of jobs satisfaction and salary. One day he heard a guy in a bar bragging about how he brought a car with the money earned through acting in gay porn. So, he decides to apply at the adult film company called McQueen Entertainment under the named Tommy. Soon afterwards, Ed works as a part-time at the company. He thinks things are going pretty smoothly, until one day he’s offered the role of bottom, for an even higher paycheck but he’ll be co-starring with Glenn himself.

Let’s see if Ed will be captivated by the charismatic owner of the company, Glenn McQueen. Read this manhwa to know how the story goes. Will Ed be able to handle it or not?

Walk On Water Chapter 63: Will there be more chapters or not?

Walk on Water completed in 62 chapters and the epilogue starts from chapter 63. And only two epilogues are there. We are not sure whether there will be a continuation of the story. In the story, the characters are all perfect. The illustrator drew the characters perfectly. Even the readers will be mesmerized by the art. If you want to read this manhwa, you can read it on Lezhin comics. Will make sure to inform you if there are updates on this manhwa.

Characters of Walk On Water

  • Walk On Water Chapter 63
    Walk On Water Chapter 63

    Ed Talbot or Tommy Ross is the main character who plays the bodyguard.

  • Creed McQueen or Glenn is the main character and the owner of McQueen Entertainment.
  • Janine Keaton is the makeup artist and the one who applies makeup for Ed.
  • Derek is the security guard and friend’s of Ed.
  • Kyle is the one who takes part in filming and act with the act.
  • Luke, the one who wanted to film with Ed.
  • Taylor is the cameraman who wore glasses.

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