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The past has been not only riddled with unimaginable legends but also legendary and historical figures and these scenes have been also depicted not only in ancient books but have also been adapted into manga and manhwa. A number of these stories come under the banner of seinen, action, and historical communities. Some of the big names that are clamoring under these banners within the manga and manhwa industry are Berserk, Kingdom, and Vinland Saga. Rising to the ranks of these titans of the manga and manhwa industry is the Takehiko Inoue written and illustrated Vagabond Chapter 328 which is based upon a storyboard that revolves around Japanese Martial Arts and is exploding all levels of epic proportions.

The manga was inspired by the novel Musashi, written by Eiji Yoshikawa, and gives the readers a greater insight into the life of a Japanese swordsman Musashi Miyamoto. The serialization of this epic manga began in the year 1998 within the Weekly Morning magazine run under the banner of Kodansha which is a Japanese publishing company based in Tokyo. Vagabond was licensed by Viz Media to begin its serialization in English and was released in North America which as of April 2015 has published 37 volumes. This amazing masterpiece with amazingly detailed artwork has sold more than 82 million copies in the worldwide market and has become one of the best-selling manga series.

What Has Happened Until Now In This Masterpiece?

Vagabond chapter 328
Vagabond Chapter 328

The story began with two friends who left their hometown in order to gain more power and contribute to the great war. In the aftermath of the Battle Of Sekigahara which occurred in 1600, these two youngsters Takezō Shinmen and Matahachi Hon’iden were sadly part of the losing side and laid badly injured on the battlefield. While being hunted down by the survivor hunters Takezō single-handedly took them without donning a sword in his hands. After this, they find a little housing with two women but are soon attacked, under the disguise of this confusion and chaos the two separate ways, where Takezō embarked on his journey on becoming a Vagabond.

Is 328 Chapter Of Vagabond On The Horizon? 

Vagabond chapter 328
Vagabond Chapter 328

As the manga series came under the seinen community, which means that it is released on a weekly basis. This took a serious toll on Inoue’s physical and mental facilities due to which the manga series saw its first hiatus in the year 2010 and lasted for two years. In an interview with CNN, Inoue said that he only got to sleep 2-4 hours when the deadline was getting close. The series was resumed in March 2012, though it again entered another break in February 2014 which was only supposed to last for four months but was dragged out till January 2015.

The series once again entered a hiatus in May 2015. Inoue also writes and illustrates the very inspiring series Real which is based on the story of disabled basketball players. Sometimes Inoue had to work on both these masterpieces simultaneously which was the reason why he began to run on fumes. Real also entered a hiatus in 2014 and resumed in August 2019. This might indicate that we may finally be able to witness the decisive fight between sword master Musashi Miyamoto and Sasaki Kojirō the deaf swordsman and arch-rival of Musashi.

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