Chapter 26 of When the Yakuza falls in love is dropping anytime soon. The author Murimi is releasing chapter 26 anytime. Read the full coverage to know more about it.

Spoiler of When The Yakuza Falls In Love Chapter 26

In the upcoming chapter of When the yakuza falls in love, Daiki will be seen searching desperately for Thomas. And Minjun waiting for Daiki to arrive. Minjun went to sleep thinking Daiki would come to his room but Daiki didn’t come. But in the end, it is him who is going to Daiki’s room. This is the spoiler that has been released recently. Want to know more, read this manga.

Release Date of When The Yakuza Falls In Love Chapter 26

When The Yakuza Falls In Love Chapter 26

The release date of When the yakuza falls in love Chapter 26 is not confirmed yet. But it seems that the next chapter will be releasing anytime soon. Do read the next chapter as it will be interesting.

What happened in the previous chapter of When The Yakuza Falls In Love?

In chapter 25 of When the yakuza falls in love, Minjun confronts Kenta about why there is a picture of him on his phone. He shouts to Kenta if he is a stalker. Kenta feels surprised saying what he is talking about and he didn’t take the photo. Minjun continuously asks and later Kenta said while they were stuck in traffic, he let Thomas play with his phone. Kenta added saying he didn’t know that a three-year-old can take a photo. He later confronts Minjun if his photo wants to be deleted.

When The Yakuza Falls In Love Chapter 26: Spoiler, Release Date, Read

But Thomas beat to it saying he can’t delete the photo he took. It was of a photo of Minjun in his school festival. Minjun thought to himself thinking Thomas might have assumed him as his mother since that day. Minjun is touched by Thomas’s innocence and hugs him tightly saying he loves him so much. Thomas replied saying he loves him and also his father too. Minjun realizes he misses his father too and cried.

Later when Thomas was asleep, Minun saw Kenta roaming nervously. He asked if something is wrong, he said nothing. Afterward, Kenta said you aren’t suited for this lifestyle, so you can leave but Minjun cried saying no and pretend he didn’t say that, and leave. At the moment, Daiki called him and asked what he was doing right now and talked. Minjun suddenly said he misses him and said Thomas told him. Daiki replies the same too and Minjun blushes. In the last scene, it was seen Minjun lying near Daiki and wants Daiki to come back soon.

Where to read online?

You can read When The Yakuza Falls In Love in Lezhin comics. But there are Raws available till Chapter 27, you can read it on Bomtoon, as of now there is no english translation yet.

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