Finder Series Chapter 89 Spoiler, Release date, Recap, Where to Read

Finder Series Chapter 89 Full Coverage: The yaoi genre has indeed become a crucial pillar of the manga and manhwa community and has been giving its a run for its money with the grade-A content that has been published from the creative dwelling of numerous budding artists. Many yaoi series with varying plots and different core characters have given the industry a new and much more vibrant flavor. After the much needed change in the thinking of the masses the yaoi industry can be said to be moving towards it hay days.

Recap Of The Finder Series Chapter 89

finder series chapter 89In the previous chapter we witnessed, that Liu Fei Long and Mikhail Arbatov were being cornered during the fight. Though Ryūichi Asami’ troop managed to protect these two they were not able to protect their own leader. Liu Fei Long and Mikhail were worried sick when they heard that the lovely couple was still inside the building that had collapsed due to the attack. When they reached the demolished site they were both worried yet still happy by knowing that the two of them are at least breathing.

After the effects of the attack subsidized, Liu Fei Long began to remember that very worrisome sight again and again, which soon turned into a nightmare that began to haunt him. To elevate some of this uneasiness in his heart where Mikhail is known to frequent. After some heartfelt verbal exchange about the nightmarish monster that is eating up their sleep they spent a night together and indulged in each other. After that Liu Fei Long went on to meet Akihito Takaba and also to check on Ryūichi Asami. At the end of the chapter, we witnessed that Asami Sama had regained his consciousness.

Release Date Of Finders Chapter 89

finder series chapter 89

There is no official release date for chapter 89 of the Finders. Though fans think that they might to wait some more time to see the precious couple together again. The pattern does seem to support their concerns as they had to wait for a considerable amount of time for chapter 88 of the Finders.

Similar Manga Like Finder Series

One of the popular names under the banner of yaoi is the Ayano Yamane has written and elegantly illustrated “Finder”. Ayano Yamane is a very well-versed author who specializes in the yaoi genre and light novels. Though the manga has received very mixed critics about it sexually explicit nature which can only be suited for adults, the yaoi manga is still holding steady grounds within the community.

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