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Murenase Shiiton Gakuen Chapter 147: Spoiler, Release Date, And More

Murenase Shiiton Gakuen Chapter 147: Spoiler, Release Date, Recap, Where To Read

Murenase Shiiton Gakuen Chapter 147 release is yet to confirm. The author has released the manga till chapter 146 available in English translation. Start reading this article to know more about the spoilers, release date, recap, and more.

Is the release date confirmed for Murenase Shiiton Gakuen Chapter 147?
Murenase Shiiton Gakuen Chapter 147

There is no official statement regarding Murenase Shiiton Gakuen’s next Chapter releasing soon. From what we observe, the next chapter might take a week to update. Stay updated to know the date for the latest release, we’ll let you know.

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Murenase Shiiton Gakuen Chapter 146: Recap, 

In chapter 146 of Murenase Shiiton Gakuen, Majama Jin is seen laying his head at the table during lunch when a girl looks aware of what he is doing. The girl confronted him if he is okay but Jin stared at her for a while. Later, he said bye and left the table. Jin thought to himself that as long as he doesn’t get involved with her, he will stay alive. He felt that somebody was following him and it turns out it was the girl from before. Jin asks why she is following him, she replied that she wanted to help him. The girl continued saying he looks worried.

Murenase Shiiton Gakuen Chapter 147: Spoiler, Release Date, Recap, and More

Jin beats to it saying he was just talking to himself and not to worry about it. The girl said to Jin saying he does it all the time. She continues saying she is also alone but if she becomes friends with people of different kinds, she will. At that time, Jin interrupted saying that’s the reason she is always alone. The last scene of this chapter ends with Jin thinking about whether he will be able to pull it off or not. It would be interesting to see what happened next to Murenase Shiiton Gakuen Chapter 147.

Spoiler Alert!

The author Yamashita Bungo hasn’t released anything related to the Murenase Shiiton Gakuen upcoming chapter. Even the spoiler is not available as of now, manga lovers do wait for some time because the author can update anytime. Guys, do read this story because it has a lot of comedy scenes, action scenes, and more. You will love this manga the moment you read it.

Where to Read Murenase Shiiton Gakuen Chapter 147?

You can read Murenase Shiiton Gakuen Chapter 147 on Mangakakalot. It is available till chapter 146 for now.

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