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I Hear I Am Poor Chapter 45 Spoiler, Release Date, Recap, Read Online


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I Hear I Am Poor Chapter 45 Full Coverage: As many of you might have known, I Hear I Am Poor is a BL Webtoon series. Su Jing Xian is the author and illustrator of this Webtoon. It is known around the globe for its art and story. The story is about cold-hearted CEO and a new singer. Let’s see how the story goes. Read the full article to know about the next chapter release, the spoiler, and more.

Has The Author Released Spoiler For The Next Chapter?

For now, it seems that the author Su Jing Xian is not releasing the spoiler for the Webtoon I Hear I Am Poor next chapter anytime soon. Manga lovers, don’t worry the author won’t take long for the next chapter update.

Release Date For The Next Chapter Of I Hear I Am Poor

I Hear I Am Poor Chapter 45 Spoiler, Release Date, Recap, Read Online

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The release date for I Hear I Am Poor Webtoon chapter 45 is not confirmed yet. For now, the Webtoon is release till chapter 44. You can read the previous chapter of this webtoon while you wait for the next release. If you want to read this Webtoon, the link is below.

Recap of the previous chapter 44

I Hear I Am Poor chapter 44 title is called Kabedon. Chapter 44 starts with Yu Nian and his friend talking about You You, an idol who was forced to apologise to the public because of wearing the same shirt as other idols. His friend later continued saying there is no one in the showbiz that dresses like you because Nian only wears comfortable dress although he is an idol. They continue surfing to the site for other news.

Afterward, Nian is seen as a cast member for a film where the Director is asking him to sing the theme songs for his future films. When the director left, Nian is talking with one of the cast actresses. The cast actress jokingly says someone will be upset if they are seeing the two of them plaster all over the news. Nian replied saying there is no one. The actress pressured if there is really no one. Nian blushes and tells all the details her.

The scene ends with the actress thinking if they are together, couldn’t they Kabedon Nian with one hand. If you want to know, read this webtoon.

Where to read I Hear I Am Poor Chapter 45

If you want to read this Webtoon, you can read it on 1stkissmanga. Even there are raws available for chapter 45. Because English translation takes long. If you can’t wait, read the Raws available.

For more updates, stay tuned at The Global Coverage.

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