Twin Star Exorcists Chapter 92- Spoiler, Release Date, Recap, Where To Read

The manga known around the globe for the art and story released another chapter. Twin Exorcists Chapter 91 was released yesterday. So, it is possible that the author is not releasing the next chapter anytime soon but the date is confirmed. Scroll down the full article to read about the spoiler, release date, recap, and Where to read online Twin Star Exorcists Chapter 92.

Twin Star Exorcists Chapter 92 Spoilers

Famous for the storyline and the characters, the author Sukeno Yoshiaki is not releasing the spoiler anytime soon. If he releases any spoiler of chapter 92, it will release by the end of this month. So, no worries because there are many more days to go.

Release Date of Twin Star Exorcists Chapter 92

The release of Twin Star Exorcists Chapter 92 will be next month that is on 1st April. Because the author releases a chapter once a month. So. it will take a while to premiere another chapter. We’ll update any info if there is any.

What happened in chapter 91 of Twin Star Exorcists?

Chapter 91 of the manga Twin Star Exorcists is called The Island Of Anger. The chapter starts with Adashino attacking the monsters saying if she comes with them, they will bring an end to the thousand-year war. They all started fighting against each other. A girl came up to help them saying Master Kankuro orders to support them. They feign her off saying they will only get in their way.

Later, they started attacking with their power. In between the fights, one shouted that they have to protect Hinatsuka and Master Kengo saying it’s their duties of the Affiliated families to protect a family head. One of the villains Gurusu was told by the others not to kill them easily. They have to be tortured first saying his skill and teamwork is not bad for humans. Their spiritual power is weak compare to them. The war ends and they started investigating for the cause. The scene ends with a monstrous creature comes out to attack saying time for payback.

Where to read online

You can read Twin Star Exorcists on Viz. It is available till chapter 90.

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