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World Trigger Chapter 207: Spoilers, Release Date, Read Online!


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Authored by Daisuke Ashihara, Adventure and Science Fiction manga series initially started by Weekly Shonen Jump, later World Trigger was published by Jump Square due to authors illness, showcases the in-depth teamwork which builds the characters repo. Know all about the World Trigger Latest Chapter 207-Spoilers, Release Date, Recap & Where to Read it Online.

  World Trigger Plot Explained

The amazing work of fiction by Daisuke Ashihara is truly become a remarkable manga series. The story starts when suddenly one day a gate opens up on Mikado City to another world from which monsters called Neighbor wreak havoc. The human weapons and technology are inadequate against these hostile monsters. Up until an enigmatic organization comes to their rescue which has the proper tech to fight against these Neighbors, The National Defense Agency or Border has taken up arms called Triggers which channels the user’s internal energy Trion which is more efficient and tough against them.

World Trigger Chapter 207

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After around 4 years where the fight against Neighbors and Borders are everyday thing for the people who have grown to live like that, a new transfer student named Yuma Kuga who is a strong humanoid neighbor befriends a C class border trainee named Osamu Mikumo who helps him to live and get to know all about the city and hides him from other border patrol officers.

World Trigger Chapter 207 Release Date and Spoilers

World Trigger Chapter 207 will release on Thursday, 1st April 2021 at 8:30 JT. Spoilers for Chapter 207 is not much, as the away mission selection test phase 1 (Sealed Environment Phase) starts we will get to see each groups team efforts and captains leadership qualities. Also, we will get to see how on the mark the A rank agents synopsis about each team are.

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Where to Read World Trigger Latest Chapter 207

World Trigger Chapter 207

World Trigger Chapter 206: The Away Mission Test

In the previous chapter of World Trigger 206: The away mission test it was seen that the orientation was completed and the A rank agents were going to test their juniors who will be in a provisional squad team and they are forbidden to get in touch with their squad members to discuss strategies for sealed environment phase. The A-rank agent’s orientation begin in which each A-Rank Squad gets to act as a judge.

Each squad will get to judge their juniors on the different bases which they were informed about in their orientation. They will judge what issues the provisional squads will face and how good the leadership of captains would be. The top brass also discuss who they see will excel in this test, and so after three days of prep passed and as well as the captain interviews the Away Mission Selection Test Phase 1 (Sealed Environment Phase) begins.

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