Sakamoto Days Chapter 14 Spoiler, Release Date, Read Online

The previous chapter of Sakamoto Days was really amusing. Fans really loved the previous episode. Fans are increasing day by day because almost all the episodes the author released till now are comedies. This new manga capture the hearts of the people. The article below will tell you about the Sakamoto Days Chapter 14.

Sakamoto Days Chapter 14 Spoiler

Chapter 14 is titled The Stealth Mission. But the chapter 14 spoiler is not released yet. No need for the spoiler because the author is releasing the next chapter soon.

Release Date Sakamoto Days Chapter 14

As the author did not delay in releasing the chapters. The release date for chapter 14 of Sakamoto Days is releasing tonight. Manga lovers, don’t miss Chapter 14 because it will be hilarious as the previous episodes. Chapter 14 will be released tonight in Japanese time.

What happened in Chapter 13 of Sakamoto Days?

Chapter 14 of Sakamoto Days starts with Shin and Lu sleeping at the park. Shi woke up and searched for Taro. The next scene starts with Sakamoto and his friends at the amusement park in an injured state. People were staring at them wondering what happened to them. While Sakamoto is eating, his friend tells him that he is not listening to anything he is talking about. He continues saying he won’t mess with him again. His friend asks Sakamoto for the food to share. Sakamoto replies the food is for his family.Sakamoto Days Chapter 14

While they are talking about it, Sakamoto’s wife came. His wife asks what they are talking about. Sakamoto’s wife says there are no secrets in the family rule. Sakamoto states to his wife saying a few assassins have come after him. Afterward, Sakamoto’s family goes to roam around the park. Sakamoto comes back after a while to talk with his groups. They follow him in a manga store. From there, they get the information. After paying at the counter, the counter boy tells him to be more careful and states some buddies might pop up. The chapter ends with Sakamoto asking what he means by that.

Where to read online

You can read the manga Sakamoto Days on Viz media or Mangaplus.

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