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Kill Me Chapter 28 : Spoilers, Release Date, Recap, Read Online


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Know all about the latest action-comedy-ecchi-romance manga illustrated by mangaka Yasuhiro Kanou, Kill Me Chapter 28- Get all Spoilers, Release date, Recap, and Where to Read Online news here!

Kill Me Plot Explained

The ecstatic manga series by Yasuhiro Kanou Kill Me is about a Young boy named Aoi Nemo who is a budding entrepreneur of Japan and the leading chairperson of Aoi Holdings which is a top-shelve medical company in Japan and is almost the reigning leader in all fields. Young Aoi has a price tag on his head and this tag was ordered by Aoi himself because he is starstruck and crazy for a girl named Kiruru Akaumi who is an assassin, and to spend time with her and deepen their relationship he himself ordered his own murder by Kiruru’s company. This series is a pack of action-comedy and romance and will get you hooked.

Kill Me Chapter 28: Release date and Spoilers

Kill Me Chapter 28 will release on Saturday, 20th March 2021 at 08:30 PM JT. Spoilers for Chapter 28 of Kill Me could not be speculated. But since Makita had returned in the previous chapter we could see Aoi and his fight.

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Kill Me Chapter 28

Where to Read Kill Me Chapter 28 Online

Kill Me Chapter 28

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Chapter 27 The Return of Makita Preview

In the previous chapter of Kill Me created by Kanou Yasuhiro, Makita has returned and he has a machine fitted on one hand which makes it difficult for him to do simple tasks like picking up a bottle from a shelf or picking up a weapon. He is mad at Aoi and fits a new weapon The Energy Generator which is a long electric-powered gun for him. The new chapter 28 would be exciting and full of action.

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