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Punch Man Chapter 141

The beautiful and thrilling masterpiece written by ONE and creatively illustrated by the hands of Yusuke Murata, One-Punch Man has been testing the patience of its fans with almost month-long gaps between the previous chapters. The webcomic version of this incredible masterpiece which portrays an insanely strong protagonist named Saitama began its serialization in 2009. The digital manga remake of the badass series began in June 2012 and featured in the columns of Seishua’s Tonari no Young Jump in which we witnessed the result of a well-appreciated collaboration between ONE and Murata.

one punch man chapter 141:Spoiler, Release Date, Read Online, Recap
one punch manga online

The manga introduces an overpowered protagonist named Saitama, but no it isn’t the result of any cheat codes just sheer hard work. He began this journey in order to get stronger, but while going through all these painstaking events he turned bald. Currently, Saitama is on a journey to find an enemy who is strong enough to withstand at least a single punch from him. The Hero association which was formed because of the deeds of Saitama during his hairy days is also been developing at an incredible rate.

Recap Of One-Punch Man Chapter 140

In the most recent installment of the series, One Punch Man Chapter 140 titled “Stones And Diamonds” we witnessed that Metal Bat made an incredible revival after his fight against the monster Garou. Metal Bat encountered King and Tareo kun who were trying to get away from the monster citadel which had become ground zero. The three came across a medic van which was covered by camouflage and found the three heroes who were protecting Waganma Kun and treating the injured Sekingar San who came along the heroes to subjugate the evil creatures. Unfortunately, Sekingar lost an arm during the fight and was forced to make a retreat.

one punch manga online
one punch manga online

After rekindling the fire within the thoroughly frightened heroes by explaining that stones and diamonds are both extremely valuable and it depends on the eye of the beholder, King, and Metal Bat head out to ground zero. They employed a very primitive yet creative mode of transport, a slingshot which was fashioned by a tire tube.

One Punch Man Chapter 141 spoilers

Spoilers of this chapter will be out a few days before the manga release date. Its spoilers hang on how many changes does Murata makes in contrast to the storyline. The next chapter will mostly show the king running into the S-class heroes and saving Garou from them. The King is also misapprehended as he is one of the strongest brawny characters but he acts like a weakling.

Release Date Of One Punch Man Chapter 141

As of today, there has been no news about the official release date of One-Punch Man Chapter 141, but fans are speculating that the next installment would be released in the first week of April 2021. If we have to speculate, One punch chapter 141 will release on 2 April 2021. Considering the pattern the series has been following. We might see the current situation of Garou and also Saitama and Blast might also make an appearance.

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