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Painter Of The Night Chapter 71/ 70: Read Online Release Date

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The masterpiece was born in the creative dwelling of Byeonduck who is the author and illustrator of “Painter Of The Night”. Set in the beautiful landscape of Korea in the prosperous era of Goryeo or Joseon, in the capital of Hanyang of the Joseon kingdom the yaoi genre manhwa is creating huge waves of interest among the manga and manhwa enthusiasts. The manhwa provides its readers with exceptional insight into the unconventional love story between the noble of the Yoon family, Yoon Seung Ho, and a common man named Baek Na Kyum whose erotic paintings enamored the noble heart of Seung Ho. Painter Of The Night Chapter 71

The Korea-originated manhwa began when Yoon Seung Ho the eldest son of the noble Yoon family fell in love with the beautifully explicit paintings which were painted by Baek Na Kyum under a pseudonym. These paintings created by Baek Na Kyum largely depicted explicit scenes of men engaging in sodomy and some more intimate positions. Though Baek Na Kyum decided to quit painting, Yoon Seung Ho who was enchanted by his talents began to force Baek Na Kyum to start painting again.

Recap Of Painter Of The Night Chapter 70   

Painter Of The Night Chapter 71/ 70: Read Online Release Date
Painter Of The Night Chapter 71

After being warned by his Noona, Na Kyum has become a bit warier of the malevolent yet tyrannical natured of Yoon Seung Ho. In Painter Of The Night Chapter 70 we witnessed that the chapter began with a flashback scene where we saw Young Na Kyum being carried on Jung In-hun'(Na Kyum’s Master) back. In the flashback, we saw that young Na Kyum is relentlessly crying while his Master tries to divert his attention from crying, this also shows the immense amount of admiration Na Kyum had towards his Master Jung In-Hun.

Soon after coming back to present Na Kyum was ordered to attend Seung Ho while he is bathing. After Na Kyum thanked Seung Ho for allowing him to see his Noona off, Seung Ho told Na Kyum to get in the bathtub with him. Though Na Kyum insisted on not doing so, Seung Ho pulled Na Kyum into the bathtub. Seung Ho promised Na Kyum that he won’t scare him anymore, but in turn, he asked Na Kyum to not push him away while they both shared an intimate kiss.

Release Date Of Painter Of The Night Chapter 71

painter of the night chapter 71

Currently, the series is releasing chapters on a weekly basis so the fans can expect to see Seung Ho and Na Kyum engage in a more intimate fashion in the coming week. Though there has been no official news about the release date fans are speculating that they might get a glimpse in the upcoming seven days. As Painter Of The Night Chapter 70 was released a few days ago on March 6, 2021, fans might have to wait for 13 March before Painter Of The Night Chapter 71 is released.

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