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Sakamoto Days Chapter 15 : Spoilers Release Date, Read Online!

Sakamoto Days Chapter 15

Illustrated by Yuto Suzuki, Sakamoto Days is an action and super comedy manga series about an old flame that is still burning. Although he was once a famed assassin now he is an old chubby James Bond. Sakamoto Days Chapter 15 

Sakamoto Days Plot Explained

Taro Sakamoto was once the topmost assassin who was feared by Super-Villains and appreciated by hitmen from all over the world. But as all old famed assassins, he also falls in love with the beauty and leaves his old job to open up a store. Now he is nothing but an old retired chubby family man who has to keep his family safe from all the assassin-related drama. One could also say he is a chubby John Wick.

Sakamoto Days Chapter 15 Release Date and Spoilers

The Latest chapter of Sakamoto Days would hit the internet on Sunday, 14th March 2021 at 9:30 PM JT. As for the spoilers we are uncertain but there are two cases where Nagumo would be in favor with Sakamoto and help him to find who ordered his hit or he would also fight and probably lose against sakamoto, since he is a friend turned foe Sakamoto won’t kill him.

Where to Read the Latest Chapter 15 of Sakamoto Days

Sakamoto Days Chapter 15


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Preview of Chapter 14 Stealth Mission

As we already know Sakamoto along with Shin the Clairvoyant and Lu-chan infiltrates the Dondenkai headquarters to perform a covert mission of finding out who has ordered a hit on Sakamoto. Upon infiltrating he kills a few lowly hitmen and reaches the top where a secret meeting is held of the esteemed Order members in which out of 8 only 4 had turned up. Iriya the communications coordinator of the Association of Assassins serves them with a task which they will have to do as they are the Frontline Defense Members of the association.

Sakamoto Days Chapter 15

In the name of the Order, they have been given a new assignment to find and kill an unknown person who has already made serious losses for the association. When Sakamoto and the others reach the top they find lots of dead bodies with Nagumo greeting them. This could only mean one thing, that Nagumo can either be a friend or foe whatever he turns out it will be super fun to watch on the latest chapter.

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