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Will Dogecoin Hit $1 After Mark Cuban Claims It Could Going up to 1 Doller


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The Crypto market is fluctuating more than ever. One day we witness a major uprise in dogecoin, other day we saw a downfall. However, Mark Cuban Claims that It Could Hit $1 anytime soon. It left us with the question, Will Dogecoin hit $1?

Mark Cuban Claims: Dogecoin Could Hit $1

American Billionaire, Mark Cuban has been one of the frontline investors in cryptocurrency. Also, he one of the main investors in “Shark Tank”, ABC network, and an owner of the NBA.

Recently, he passed a statement mentioning his judgment regarding Dogecoin and its future trend. He also proclaimed that soon Dogecoin will soon hit $1. It put us in a dilemma. Will Dogecoin hit $1?

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Cuban tweeted that his NBA team will take the amount for tickets and merchandise in terms of Dogecoin. It clearly seems that Cuban and his NBA team are in favour of Dogecoin. This act of accepting crypto as payment might set a future trend. But it is definitely an intelligent plan to raise the value and demand of the cryptocurrency. Also, it does seem that Dogecoin might actually turn $1.

Will Dogecoin Hit $1 After Mark Cuban Claims It Could Going up to 1 Doller
Mark Cuban

Moreover, after Mark Cuban Saturday tweet, Dogecoin saw an upward trend in its circulation. If the fans keep on purchasing the crypto, It will surely Hit $1.

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Will Dogecoin hit $1?
It is worth noting that Mark Cuban isn’t the only one supporting Dogecoin. Previously we have seen Elon Musk’s tweets about dogecoin which lead to an immense increase in the trend of the dogecoin.
According to crypto experts, it still needs to increase its trading up to 5% to hit $1. It does seem there is a long way to go for crypto to turn a value of $1.Let us know in the comment section, Do you think, will Dogecoin Hit $1?
Further, Dogecoin has become the new talk of the town as its even trending with the hashtag #DogecoinRise. It is not confirmed when it will turn $1 but it does seem it will happen soon.

Will Dogecoin Hit $1 After Mark Cuban Claims It Could Going up to 1 Doller

Crypto Market Prediction

According to the Crypto market live chart, it seems that Dogecoin is ranked at 13 positions. and over the past 24-hours, it has witnessed a more than 7% increase in its trade value. Likewise, its price is around $ 0.059513 with a trading volume of $ 2.93B. The way Dogecoin is uprising it does seem that it will hit $1. But then the future is uncertain, nothing can is proclaimed.

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Stay with the global coverage for more updates.

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