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Who is Gabriella Brooks? Here’s Everything You Need to Know about Liam Hemsworth Girlfriend,


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Liam Hemsworth, who does not know him. Hollywood hunk who stole million hearts from his one smile. He is the brother of Almighty Thor. Well, not exactly he is the brother of Chris Hemsworth who plays the role of Thor in Marvel movies. Previously he was married to Miley Cyrus but more than a year ago they parted their ways. After that Liam started dating an unknown celebrity named Gabriella Brooks. Many of you might not know who she is. Not anymore, in this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about the new love of Liam Hemsworth.

Who is Gabriella Brooks?

Gabriella and Liam have been dating since last 2019. They started dating when Hemsworth broke up with Miley Cyrus. You should know that she is also from Australia and does not like to be in limelight. According to our reports, she is quite different from Liam’s past girlfriends.

Gabriella Brooks was born in Australia but lives in Sydney. Currently, she is pursuing her studies in Ancient History and Archaeology. She is a student at the University of Sydney.

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Apart from that she also does some modelling. Well, saying some will be underestimating it. She has been signed by many big modelling agencies. Calvin Klein and Topshop being two of them. Gabriella Brooks wants to be an actress.

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Liam and Gabriella Dating history

We all know that Liam got married to Miley and split because Miley cheated on him. Miley and Liam made it public that they are getting a divorce. Later Liam started dating Maddison Brown. But, the thing did not work out as Liam wanted. They both broke up shortly after they started dating. Later Liam met Gabriella Brooks and started liking her. Although she is just 24 and Liam is 30 years old both of them liked each other. After casually seeing each other a couple of times they started properly dating each other.

When we heard that Miley broke up with her current boyfriend Cody Simpson, We thought that Liam might break up with Brooks. But according to our reports, he is still dating her and only time could tell what will happen between them.

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