Who is Hallie Olivere? Beau Biden Wife & Everything You Need to Know About Her

Who is Hallie Olivere? Beau Biden's Wife & Everything You Need to Know About Her

Hallie Biden is someone who likes to stay out of the news. Unlike all Biden family members, she does not like to be a part of their political campaign. She does not even want to be remotely related to their political activities. But her actions always make her a part of breaking news. Weather is be dating his brother-in-law, Hunter, or not paying the tuition fee of his kids. We are here to tell you everything you need to know about Hallie Olivere. So, read the article from start to end to know everything about her.

Who Is Hallie Olivere?

Hallie K. Olivere was born on 30 November 1974, in the United States of America. She completed her schooling at Tatnall School and moved to the suburbs for her future studies. Later Hallie Olivere married joe Biden’s son Beau Biden. They both got married in 2002. She started her career in the very school she studied. She works as an admission counselor at Tatnall School. And it is said that Tatnall is the best school to provide pre-college education.

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Hallie Olivere Bio

Hallie K. Olivere was born on 30 November 1974, in the United States of America. Being an educator, she started her career in the very school she studied, that is Tatnall School. She completed her schooling and moved to the suburbs for her future studies. She also worked as a guidance counselor for Archmere Academy, where she actually met Beau. Later in 2002, Hallie Olivere married Joe Biden’s son Beau Biden, the Attorney General of Delaware.

Hallie Olivere Relationship History With Beau Biden

Beau and Hallie were together for a while before they got married. On thanksgiving of 2001, Beau proposed to Hailie. Beau and Hallie married in 2009.  They both have two children. One is a daughter born on August 4, 2004, named Natalie. Whereas one is a boy Hunter born in 2006. Later, Beau was diagnosed with Brane cancer. However, he continued fighting with it till his last breath. Later, he died in 2015 with the same disease.

Who is Hallie Olivere? Beau Biden's Wife & Everything You Need to Know About Her

What Went Down Between Hallie and Beau’s Brother, Hunter Biden?

It is believed that everyone has their own way of dealing with trauma. Some people shut themselves off and become numb, some people bury themselves in their work and try to distract themselves. Whereas some people tend to find comfort in other people’s arms. 

In the case of Haille, she found comfort in Beau’s Brother’s arms. Hunter and Haille both were dealing with trauma and leaned on each other for support, Hunter dealing with her divorce from Kathleen Biden and Haille dealing with the death of her husband. This comfort between them immediately sparked into a love affair. 


Hunter and Hallie Olivere

Hunter and Hallie decided to make their love affair public and came out as a couple in March of 2017. The whole country was devastated by this news. How could Hallie out of all people choose Beau’s brother? and how could Hunter betray his own brother like that? What seemed like love to them, to the other people it just seemed like a betrayal. Even though all of this sounded pretty strange, President Joe Biden approved of their relationship. He also said, “I am glad that they found each other and hope they are happy together.”

It was all fun and games for Hunter and Hallie Olivere until things didn’t work out between them. This couple separated in the year 2019 on a friendly note. The reason for their breakup is still unknown. 

Everything isn’t so simple as they seem to be, things got really complicated after they split up. A piece of news surfaced that, I can only imagine left Hallie Olivere pretty devastated. The news was that apparently, Hunter cheated on Hallie with Hallie’s older sister- Elizabeth Secundy. They were having affair in the same house Hallie and Hunter were living in. This behavior of Hunter questioned Hunter Biden’s character and morals. As for Hallie, she was left more broken than ever before. 

Where Is She Now? 

After her husband’s demise, she started feeling lonely. But she was not the only one coping with the death of beau. His younger brother Hunter was also In the grieving process. He started doing coke and other drugs. After 5 months Since his brother died his wife left him due to his bad habits. In a report, she said that he used to visit prostitutes, spend money on them, at strip clubs, drugs, and liquor.

Later Hallie Olivere and Hunter got close. Both of them were grieving which made them understand each other better. As of now, they are involved in the relationship. Their relationship is made public by Joe Biden as well as by Hunter Biden.

And as far as Hallie goes we don’t have much info on her. She pretty much went under wraps after Joe Biden became president in 2020. Our assumption is that she is trying to stay out of the news and media and living her life undercover. We all hope that she is doing okay. 


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