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Dear Door Chapter 45: Raw Scans, Release Date, Spoilers, and More!

The explicit Boy-Love manga Dear Door written by Pluto is back with its new Chapter 45. Read the below article to know all about Dear Door Chapter 45: Raw Scans, Release Date, Spoilers, and Where to Read the Latest Chapter and More!

Dear Door Plot Explained 

A very discouraged and disheartened police officer Do Gyeong Joon who has lost the love of his love due to cancer, becomes a lone wolf of some sort who’s the only goal in life is to take out rogue’s and crooks unexpectedly runs face to face with a demon one day. As astonishing as he is yet Joon’s still a human, totally baffled by the demon who name’s himself as The Demon Lord Cain, Joon is some kind of a special human a door for the demon Cain who finds himself attached to the human in his special and unique way.

Dear Door Chapter 45 Spoilers and Release Date

Dear Door 45

The English Subs Chapter has not yet been confirmed it’s final release date but as soon as the news comes out we will update it here. Most probably it will release in second week of April 2021. As for the spoilers, there are raw scans out for Dear Door and from which we can make out that Joon is upset because Cain has left him without having a word and the three subordinates of Cain, Gail and the others who protected him from the Satan’s army while he was unconscious are trying to console him and telling him to get a grip on himself. Also, you can read the Spanish scans of Dear Door Chapter 45 which is out. I think, this manga series will take a huge turn of events when Cain returns, giving the fans to see something exciting to watch about.

Where to Read Chapter 45

Dear Door Chapter 45

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