How to Download PUBG in iOS, iPhone – Easy Steps

PUBG is probably the most popular online multiplayer video game from 2019. Well, it should be because of its graphics and other things. If you are one who plays the game and recently upgraded your device from Android to iOS. Then you must be looking an easy way to download the app in your iOS device. I should tell you that you have reached the right place. In the article, we will tell you how you can download the game in your iOS device. Read the article to know easy ways to Download PUBG in iOS, iPhone.

How To Download PUBG On iOS iPad and iPhone

Since its launch in 2017 Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds aka PUBG has been the most liked game among smartphone users. This is due to its mobile-friendly interface and graphics and other things. Because of its constant updates and upgrades, it never fails to amaze its users.

If you are an iPhone user we are here to tell you how to download PUBG in iOS in just a few easy steps. But before doing that make sure you have a stable internet connection. So, that downloading is not uninterrupted by the weak network. Another thing to notice if your iPhone runs on iOS 9 or more.

Here Are The Steps-

1- Change your location

As you must know that PUBG on iOS is only available in China. So, in order to install the game first, you have to change your region from other countries to China. If you are not doing that you would not be able to download the game. Another trick that you can use it to download some VPN.

There are many VPN apps available on the app store that you can download. After downloading the VPN change your country from elsewhere to China.

2- Setting iPhone’s region to China 

After doing the first step go to the app store and in the setting section change your region from other countries to China. After doing that the app store will redirect you to the Chinese app store. Now search the PUBG download in the iOS app store. You will see that app. Download it from the app store.

If you have not found the app no Problem go to the link given below to download the app directly.

Click Here to get the link

3- Setting Up Graphics 

Now after downloading the game let us help you set it up. Open the game and go to the graphics setting. If you want to get the full experience and do not have a problem with battery draining faster set it up to the highest. But if you want your battery to last longer you should set it up to the lowest quality. I would recommend to setting up to the medium so that you get the taste of both. Save your battery and get the best graphics.

Now After discussing How to Download PUBG in iOS lets discuss its new update.

PUBG New Update Season 9 

Recently the developers of the game have released the 9th season of the game. If you are a regular PUBG player you must know that whenever they release a new version they release many good updates with it.

As we all know it has recently released a new state for the players. If you see the trailer of this new state you can see that it is different from other maps. On this map, you get many new things. Some of these things include new costumes, new weapons, new emotes, and other things. Some of the old costumes have been updated and some of the weapons have also been updated. So, if you are still playing the old version do yourself a favor and upgrade it to the latest version.

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