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Painter of the Night Chapter 72/73: Release Date, Spoilers, Raw Scans

Painter of the Night Chapter 72

Read about Lehzin Comics yaoi, boy love, historically dramatic manga series Painter of the Night Chapter 72: Release Date, Spoilers, Recap and Where to Read Online, illustrated by Byeonduck. Which has hooked already a crazy amount of weebs into reading the series, especially because of its graphic and explicit content making it irresistible to watch once you have seen it.

Painter of the Night Plot Explained

Historically created erotic and dramatic manga series is about a young painter named Baek-Na Kyum who is somewhat like Jack from Titanic who paints erotic arts, which has gotten him into this mess with a High Noble Lord named Yoon Seungho who is also the eldest son of the Noble House of Yoon. Being the eldest son he is also extremely promiscuous and dangerous. Na-kyum is an erotic arts painter who had left the painting to live his life as an alcoholic but was found and forced to continue painting by Seungho as his personal painter.

Painter of the Night Chapter 72: Release Date and Spoilers

Update: Chapter 52 is released and is available above for reading.

Painter of the Night Chapter 73

The webtoon series hasn’t announced or set up a particular date for releasing its latest chapter 72 as of now but since the chapters get released on Saturday every week, we can expect the release of the latest chapter 72 on 20th March 2021. As for the Spoilers, as we could see in the previous chapter 71 how Seungho wants to atone for his behavior towards Na-kyum and is wishing to go on any length the next chapter would be far more relentless and intense. Their chemistry together has always been off the charts and the latest chapter 72 of Painter of the Night would make sure of that it doesn’t change.

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Preview of Chapter 71 

Fans were ecstatic and thrilled to see them in such a context. In the previous chapter, we saw them together not for the first time but still, it seemed like it was their first time getting physical with each other. The major character development of Seungho has left the readers in shock. The most awaited scenes were shown by the illustrator.

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