Who is Lady Gaga Dating, Relationship Timeline and Current Boyfriend?

Lady Gaga is probably the first musician who has proved that if you want to can rule the world with love. When it comes to singing or acting she has no haters. At least not the kind we can acknowledge. When we talk about her achievements and her personal life we can’t help but talk about her love affairs. So, today we are going to talk about who is lady gaga dating as of 2021. 34-year-old singer and actress are not very lucky when it comes to her dating life. She has dated many men but it failed to find her true love.

who is lady gaga dating

Who is Lady Gaga Dating, Relationship Timeline and Current Boyfriend?

As of 2021, the musician is dating Christian Carino. When we talk about Christian you should know that he is 52 years old while lady gaga is only 34 years old. But as we say age is just a number. She has been with him for more than 4 years. However, the couple look so lovely together. You should also know that Lady Gaga Dating an older guy is no news. She has dated many older men than him. If we talk about Christian Carino’s profession he is a talent agent. Both met in 2017 and have been together since then.

However in 2018 when her movie A Star Is Born was released it was reumerd that she started dating her co-star Bradly cooper. Later she dismissed all these rumours. In one of the tabloids, it was stated that Bradly is about to get divorced because of his affair. But later we found out that it was all a rumour and everything is well and good.

Past Relationship of Lady Gaga 

As we told you earlier a musician is not lucky when it comes to finding true love. Lady Gaga dating history is very long. She has dated more than 8 people as of now. She even got engaged with two of them but it did not work out. You should know that she has never been married as of now. In one of the interview, she said that now she does not want to get married anymore.

Who is Lady Gaga Dating, Relationship Timeline and Current Boyfriend?

Before dating Christian Carino she was dating Taylor Kinney. She dated Taylor for less than 2 years from 2015-2016. She was even engaged to him but things did not work out the way they wanted. Before Taylor, she dated Lüc Carl for one year. She was engaged to him as well but things again did not work out. Lady Gaga Dating history involves other men as well.

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