Solo Leveling Chapter 144: Raw Scans, Spoiler, Release Date & More

One of the famous webtoon Solo Leveling adapted from a novel with the same name is releasing their next chapter. The premiere date for the Solo Leveling Chapter 144 is confirmed. You can check out the article below to know if there is any spoiler released, the release date, timing, and many more. Will share the link below for those who haven’t read this webtoon yet.

Solo Leveling Chapter 144 Spoiler

Solo Leveling Chapter 144: Raw Scans, Spoiler, Release Date & MoreAS of now, the author is not releasing any spoiler nor leaked any. But based on the info spreading in social media, it is expected that the spoiler will be release if they have released the Raw chapters first. The author always releases the raw scans first and the translation later. So, let’s wait for some days for the spoiler to be available online.

Release Date For Solo Leveling Chapter 144

Finally, the premiere of chapter 144 for Solo Leveling is revealed. The author is releasing Solo Leveling Chapter 144 on 17th March at Korean Standard Time at midnight. You can check the time slot according to your location. As many of you might have known that the raw scans will be available an hour before the English translation.

Solo Leveling Chapter 143 Recap

Solo Leveling Chapter 144: Raw Scans, Spoiler, Release Date & More

Chapter 143 of Solo Leveling starts with the monster asking Hunter Sung if he is the one summoned to him. The others are shocked at the monster’s reaction. The monster angrily says humans must die, he will kill them all. One person from the HUnter Bureau shockingly says the glass can only be enhanced by a top-ranking hunter’s magic. The monster tries to release his power. At that time, the people from Bureau says to Sung he must evacuate soon continues saying that is Kamish’s Breath. Hunter Sung shouts to the monster saying that is enough as the magic in his head was removed long ago. Saying he doesn’t need to obey the rulers’ orders. The people at the back are in disbelief as Sung can speak with the monster,

Later, Sung goes back and hears that Jinho is missing. He regrets not assigning him any soldier. He goes to find. And at the other, their leader asks to find Hwang Dong Su before Sung Jinwoo does. That’s how the scene ends.

Where to read Solo Leveling online

You can read Solo Leveling on Viz media, For people who want to read the read, you can read it on Webnovel. Also, various novels are available there if you want to read others.

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