Horimiya Episode 11 Release Date, Spoiler and Where to watch

“Horimiya” which is already on its successful run over the hearts of its fans all over the world, had it’s 10th Episode release last week. The season is already towards its end and is left with few couples of episodes. Now fans are curious to know about the Horimiya Episode 11 and all details About it like The release date of Horimiya Episode 11

  • When and where to watch?
  • Spoilers of the next episode and what’s going to happen next?

So if you also are an anime fan and want answers to your questions, then you are at the correct place. So let’s start the journey.

Horimiya: The basic plot 

Horimiya is basically a manga based romantic anime. Its name Horimiya comes from the combination of names of it’s two lead characters i.e Kyoko Hori and Izumi Miyamura. The story is about the beautiful love journey of Hori and Miyamura wherein first part they found themselves completely different and definitely not made for each other. But as time passes and they start realising the real themselves, they start finding each other compatible and start falling for each other.

Horimiya Episode 11 Release Date, Spoiler and Where to watch
Horimiya Episode 11

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Episode 10 Recap:

The previous episode of “Horimiya” was based on the other characters and yet another love triangle forming between Sakura, Yoshikawa and Toru. In the start, Sakura tried to confirm whether Yoshikawa and Toru are Dating each other or not. Toru also lied about as she is also possessive Toru. But later it was revealed that Toru rejected Sakura as he thought she deserves someone better.

Horimiya Episode 11 Release date and where to Watch

Horimiya Episode 11 is going to be released on 21 March at 12:30 AM. Fans Will be able to watch it on different platforms like Funimation, Wakanime and also Animelab. The first week will be for premium users and then will be free for all.

Spoilers of the next episode

Horimiya Episode 11 is mainly going to be about the complex relationship between Sakura and Toru. We might also see glimpses of the “Horiyami” couple. It is also expected that there might be a surprising twist that may alter all the relationships drastically. As we know there are only a couple of episodes left, so you can Never be particular.

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