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I’m Not The Overload Chapter 58

I'm Not The Overload Chapter 58

Illustrated and written by Sora7 and Qianliang Comic Studio, manhwa’s ‘I’m not the Overlord!’ is updating their chapter anytime. Scroll the article below to know all the required information about I’m Not The Overload Chapter 58- plot, spoiler, release date, where to watch online, and many more.

I’m not the Overlord! plot explained

I'm Not The Overload Chapter 58


I’m not the overlord! is a Chinese manhwa series that has updated more than 50 chapters. The genre is mainly based on action, comedy, martial arts, and so on. The manhwa is known around mostly because of their comedic and martial scenes.

I’m not the Overlord story is about a guy who reincarnated into a different world and eventually becomes a Demonking Overlord. And which includes his mission to destroy humankind. Read to know how he copes with this new world and how he solves all the problems.

Spoiler for chapter 58 of I’m not the overlord!

I’m not the overlord! chapter 58 spoiler is not available yet. It will be available a few days before the full chapter update. The raw scans will be available before the official English translation. Stay updated to know more.

Release Date: I’m Not The Overload Chapter 58

I'm Not The Overload Chapter 58 It’s been more than ten days and the author is irregular nowadays in updating another chapter. The author used to update ‘I’m not the Overlord!’ four times a month. If the author updates, it will be next week or next month. We’ll inform you if there is any information updated by the author.

Where To Read Online : I’m Not The Overload Chapter 58

I’m not the Overlord manhwa is available on Anime-Planet and Manga-Owl. There are varieties of manhwa available if you want to read.

Characters in I’m not the Overlord!

  • The main character, Carl or the Overlord was a high school genius who died from an accident. He is then reincarnated into another where there is a battle against humans.
  • The Nocmantis is the steel forest guardian. His power level is 7124.
  • Thorstein is the giant core molten keeper and sixth-order Hellraiser. His power level is 7514.
  • Thanatos is the guardian of the molten core and his power level is 7199.
  • Red Star is the former Godking from the Canhua kingdom. 9th order of the celestial synthesis and power level is 27733.

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