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Kaiju No.8 Chapter 29 /28: Read Manga, Plot, Spoiler, Release Date

Kaiju No.8 Chapter 29 is releasing. The date is confirmed and even the spoiler is available. Everything you need to know such as spoiler, release date, where to watch online is available below in this article.

What is the story of Kaiju No.8 about?

Kaiju No.8 Chapter 29 /28:  Read Manga, Plot, Spoiler, Release Date

Kaiju no.8 is a Japanese manga written by Naoya Matsumoto and published by Jump+. The story is about a 32-year-old man Kafka Hibino who is a sweeper and is not satisfied. But he aspires to become to join the Defense Corps and kill Kaijuus for a living from a young age. But he can’t because of his failed attempts and become a sweeper to live. One day, in his cleaning, an 18-year-old boy named Leno Ichikawa joins and Kafka is reminiscing his past to join the military again. And one incident turns him into a monster. See how he uses his newfound powers or will he give up his dream.

Is spoiler available for Kaiju no.8 chapter-29?

In this upcoming new chapter 29 of Kaiju no.8, Kafka or Mina will come to help Hoshina who has been losing consciousness. And the manga lovers are speculating that Mina will be the first to rescue Hoshina as she is stronger. Let’s see who arrives first, will it be Mina or Kafka?

When is the release date for Kaiju no.8 chapter-29?

Kaiju No.8 Chapter 29 /28:  Read Manga, Plot, Spoiler, Release Date

The author confirmed that Kaiju no.8 chapter 29 will be released on the 18th of March that is today. The timing for the update is at midnight in JST. The time slot is different for different regions. You can check out on the Viz media. You can also check for other mangas schedules.

Where to read online

Kaiju no.8 is available on Viz media or Mangaplus. You can even read in your desired language.

Characters of Kaiju no.8

  • Kafka Hibino is a 35-year-old former sweeper and a Defense Force member.
  • Mina Ashiro is the young captain of the Third Division of the Defense Force and childhood friend of Kafka.
  • Hoshina Soshiro is the vice-captain of the Third Division of the Defense Force.
  • Leno Ichikawa is an 18-year-old boy who is a newcomer to Kafka’s cleaning team.

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