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My Wife Is A Demon Queen Chapter 266-TGC

My Wife Is A Demon Queen Chapter 304 Release Date, Recap, Read Online

Authored by DW, isekai romantic-comedy-fantasy manga series My Wife is a Demon Queen Chapter 266: Spoilers, Release Date, Recap and Where to Read Online! It has been an amazing series that always kept its readers amazed in every chapter.

My Wife is a Demon Queen Plot Explained

My Wife is a Demon Queen

Isekai series My wife is a Demon Queen is about a young guy named Xiang Ye who has been summoned into a fantasy world and is a husband of a beautiful Demon Queen Isabella Osa. After graduating he was planning for further studies after summer vacation, but instead, he was summoned into another world where his other life has engrossed him and made him a very different man.

My Wife is a Demon Queen Chapter 266 Release Date and Spoilers

The previous chapter 265 of My Wife is a Demon Queen was released just three days prior and we at the TGC believe that the latest chapter 266 would release next week since the chapters are now getting released on weekly basis, this is just an approximation and no official announcement have been made. As for the spoilers, as seen in the previous chapter there is a fight between Xiang Ye and a Monster whose danger level is S. The elf was betrayed by his so-called ally but we think he will come back twice as strong in the next chapter and won’t go down so easily.

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Where to Read Chapter 266 of My Wife is a Demon Queen Online

Recap: Chapter 265

My Wife is a Demon Chapter 266

The previous chapter has showcased the trust between Xiang Ye and Isabella. Xiang Ye leaves the cave towards the monster ‘Corpse Chimera’ whose danger level is S, and it constantly keeps on regenerating. While the Elf thinks to run away with the Moon Stone he is betrayed by his alleged ally and turned into a monster himself but he injects himself with an injection and gets swallowed by the monster.

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Anime Spoiler And News

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