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World Trigger Season 2 Episode 10 Release Date, Spoiler and Watch Online


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World Trigger Season 2 is already on its successful run. It has already completed its 9 episodes and now fans are curious to know about the next episode. The Sci-fi war anime has earned love from all over the world. World Trigger is surely one of its own kind and has created a legacy of itself. Now fans are curious about the following: The releaseĀ date of World Trigger season 2 Episode 10?

  • When and where to watch?
  • Spoilers of the next episode?

So let’s start the journey and get all the answers to all your questions.

World Trigger Season 2 Episode 10:

World Trigger Season 2 Episode 10 is going to be released on March 2021 i.e This Sunday. Fans are really excited for the next episode and they will be able to watch it on platforms like Crunchyroll, Anime Digital Network and also Netflix Japan.

World Trigger – Brief You Should Know

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“World Trigger” by Daisuke Ashihara is a fictional anime. It is one of the best typical war type animes having the war or battle between the two sides. On one side we have the monsters attacking from the outside world and then on one side, we have our protectors fighting to save the world. So yes that’s the reason it’s getting so much love due to its high dynamic action and thrill of war.


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World Trigger Season 2 Episode 10 RecapĀ 

Before talking about the World Trigger S2 Episode 10, let’s get to know about the previous episode.

The last episode eventually got all about Hyuse. In the previous episode, we saw the other members and leaders fighting for the entry of Hyuse into the Tamakoma 2 Unit. However, we also witnessed Kido putting up conditions on Chika. In the later part, we also got to know that the Tamakoma 2 unit would be going in a battle against Ikoma and Oji units.

World Trigger Season 2 E10

Well as the previous episode was all a preparatory episode for the triple threat between the three units, we witness a high dynamic war in the next episode. The next episode is named “Superior” which creates a lot of curiosity as it clearly indicates that one unit is going to stand out in the war. Well, the consideration oh Hyuse who will be having his welcome ceremony on the same day makes it spicier. Well, what can be a better way of entry than coming and showcasing the fighting skills in the main war? So yes the next episode is going to be a great thriller.

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