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Seashell Boy Chapter 26/ 27: Release Date, Spoilers, Read Online


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Lehzin Comics Webtoon Yaoi-Manhwa manga series Seashell Boy Chapter 26: Release Date, Spoilers, Recap, and Where to Read Online! Seashell Boy is also known as Pearl Boy, illustrated by Joy it is an explicit manga series. Read the below article to know more-

Seashell Boy: Plot Synopsis

This story is about a young boy named Dooshik who used to work at a gay bar and has now moved to a coastal island faraway. After a while, his savings starts ending and a boy has to eat to live. He leaves Jooha to pay the bill but when he returns to pay the bill instead finds an unsavory and mucky scene which gives him a solution to earn money.

Seashell Boy Chapter 26: Release Date and Spoilers

Seashell Boy Chapter 26

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The Latest Chapter 26 of Seashell Boy will most probably be out on Thursday 25th March 2021 this is just an approximation. As for the spoilers we couldn’t speculate any as the raw manga scans are released just one or two days prior, but we will surely update you once the raw manga scans are out on the internet.

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Seashell Boy Chapter 25 Explained

In the previous chapter of Seashell Boy, we saw how there’s a misunderstanding between Hyung and Dosik. Hyung thinks that Dosik is going to leave him and is going back to Seoul as he heard Dosik’s conversation with a friend and misinterprets the situation, to which Dosik laughingly explains to him how he had a talk with Seoul and tells him that he has told Seoul to ‘Get out of his Sight’ and that he was just an obstacle in his life and tells him not to worry and he’ll be back in the beginning of the summer.

Read Chapter 25

Note there are 2 scrolls, Use the inner scroll to read Manga

Where To Read Pearl Boy Chapter 26 Online

Stay Tuned With The Global Coverage For More Updates!

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