RWBY Volume Season 8 Episode 13 Release Date, Preview and Recap

RWBY is one of the longest-running and most successful anime of all time. It has a journey that started way back in 2013 and now even after more than 8 years of it, the craze has not reduced a bit even. It’s on its 8th season run and now fans are excited to know about RWBY Volume season 8 episode 13. So Are you excited to know all about it!!!! Here you will get all the insight info like Release Date, Spoilers and Where to watch. 

RWBY – A brief to know

So before knowing about RWBY Volume Season 8 Episode 13 let’s get a brief idea about its plot. So the basic base of the successful anime is a fictional world where there’s a war between Hunters and the Grimms and in between lies the existence of humans. The four huntress fight against the odds and this anime is basically filled with action-packed fights and lots of fantasizing weapons. This is all in all a perfect combo of action and a great storyline.

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Recap of the last episode:

Before knowing about RWBY Volume Season 8 Episode 13 let’s get to know what has happened previously.

  • Its last episode was named “Creation“.
  •  There we witnessed Ironwood and Ace Ops preparing against Penny and how Harriet is focussed on taking her revenge.
  •  And towards the end of the episode, we witnessed the best fight of the season till now as Penny escaped the hold of Ironwood and we again saw the most awful use of weapons.

Release Date and Where to watch:

The upcoming episode is largely awaited by fans and they are anticipating a great episode.RWBY Volume S8 E13 is set to be released on 20th March 2021 i.e on Saturday even by 6:58 PM. Viewers will be able to watch it on platforms like Crunchyroll and Funimation. However, the first week will only be for the premium users and will get public for all after that.

RWBY Volume Season 8 Episode 13 Spoilers:

The RWBY Volume Season 8 Episode 13 which is titled “Worthy” Is much awaited by fans. With a great legacy comes great responsibilities and it’s always hard to maintain that in each next episode. In the next episode, we will be watching what Penny will do after the escape from Ironwood and Ace Ops. Vine and Elm will also play an important role as they both were not very obedient in following the orders. So we may also witness some betrayals in the next episode.

So the next episode will be as Worthy as its name suggests. So do watch the next episode and enjoy the thrill and action.

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