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Solo Leveling Chapter 145: Spoiler, Release Date, Recap, Characters

As the chapters are getting interesting day by day, the author for the Solo Leveling webtoon has confirmed for the next chapter release. The previous chapter got good reviews of how the storyline goes and also the characters are drawn beautifully. Make sure to read the full content about the Solo Leveling Chapter 145 release, spoiler, characters, and many more.

 Solo Leveling Chapter 145: What To Expect?

About this Solo Leveling chapter 145 spoiler, it is circulating around social media that Andre might release his power and also all the hunter bureau will get together at the spot. But Jinwoo will certainly dominate and injures him. Also, Jinwoo will inform Kaisel and Igris to take Jin-ho to the hospital to avoid getting more injuries.

Solo Leveling Chapter 145: Spoiler, Release Date, Recap, Characters

Solo Leveling Chapter 145 Release Date And Spoilers?

Solo Leveling webtoon is all set to premiere its next chapter 145 on 25th March. As the date is confirmed, you just have to wait for few days to read. One thing is, the timing for the chapter is not release. It might inform a day before the release. You can check their official Twitter page for any information. This webtoon is available on Viz media or Tappytoon comics.

Recap of Chapter 144

In chapter 144 of Solo Leveling, we read Jinwoo still searching for Jin-Ho. He assumes that Jin-Ho is a combat-type D-Rank Hunter and he knows that normal people won’t be able to take him. The only clue left behind was Scavenger Guild. He recalls that they are the only sole survivor of the dungeon and thinks that Hwang Dong-Su must be the one.

On the other side, it is seen that Andre spying on Jinwoo with his assistant Laura. They talk about all the things happening in the Hunter Bureau and about the movement they are gonna take. In the underground, it is seen that Hwang Dong-Su is the one kidnapping Jin-Ho. He and his guys beat Jin-Ho. Because of killing his brother, he is going to kill him. The scene ends with Jinwoo beating up all the people and releasing his power.

Characters of Solo Leveling 

  • Sung Jinwoo is the main character and the strongest hunter in Solo Leveling. He is the creator and guild master of the Ahjin Guild.
  • David Brennon is the Director of the Federal Bureau of Hunters.
  • Adam White is an agent of the Federal Bureau of Hunters.
  • Akari Shimizu is a member of the Draw Sword Guild.
  • Thomas Andre is one of the five National Level Hunters.

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