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How To Chase An Alpha Chapter 60 Release Date, Spoilers, Recap, Read Online

how to chase an alpha chapter 60

This amazing addition to the yaoi genre of the manga and manhwa community was born in the creative dwelling of Kimnyeong, titled “How To Chase An Alpha”. This amazing yaoi series features a world where mating is purely dependent on the pheromones released by an Omega towards an Alpha. Yoon Woo who has been certified as beta has just found out that he is a recessive Omega when he goes into heat in front of Cha Gyeongju who is a dominant Alpha. How To Chase An Alpha Chapter 60 

Recap Of How To Chase An Alpha Chapter 59

how to chase an alpha chapter 60

In Chapter 58, of How To Chase An Alpha we saw that Cha Gyeongju who is a dominant Alpha and is expecting a baby in a few months along with Yoon Woo Young, is worried about not only the baby but also Yoon Woo Young who is a recessive Omega. After Cha Gyeongju mentioned his thoughts about aborting the child, but Yoon Woo Young didn’t share the same opinion as Cha Gyeongju about that matter. Yoon Woo Young even went as far as saying that if Cha Gyeongju can’t muster the courage then he doesn’t deserve to be a father nor a husband. And he soon ran out saying that he will be going to the mart to get some apples.

In Chapter 59 we witnessed that, Yoon Woo still hasn’t come back home and Cha Gyeongju has started to frantically search for him all around the neighborhood. As Yoon Woo doesn’t have any cash on him neither is he wearing any warms clothes to protect him from the chilly winds of night, Cha Gyeongju begins to get even more concerned about Yoon Woo’ state. The moment Cha Gyeongju entered their house he soon found Yoon Woo’ shoes at the doorstep and a very sad and weepy Yoon Woo stuffing himself with apples on the kitchen floor.

After Yoon Woo said that his baby doesn’t need a father, this wasn’t only enough to give Cha Gyeongju the amount of courage he required but also gave him the strength to promise Yoon Woo that he will be with him to the end. While assuring Yoon Woo that he’ll be a dependable husband and a father this Yoon Woo began to tell him about the dream that he had of seeing a golden apple along with Aori apples. While eating apples along with Cha Gyeongju, Yoon Woo also mentions that he borrowed money from his brother to buy the apples. At the end of the chapter, we see an ecstatic Yoon Woo asking Cha Gyeongju to wear his old uniform.

Release Date Of How To Chase An Alpha Chapter 60

how to chase an alpha chapter 60

There have been no official release dates about this yaoi series’ upcoming update of Chapter 60, but the fans are expecting a release in the coming few days. Many people are speculating that they would see a few more lovely banters from this couple in the next few days as the previous chapters dropped almost a week ago and the series is following a weekly release pattern.

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