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Top 5 Free Video Editor App for Instagram Reels [Cinematic, Transition]


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Instagram reels are replacing Tik Tok. People are now moving on Instagram to make short videos. This is due to some countries banning Byte dance company app Tik Tok. But simply shooting videos and uploading them is not enough. To get the attention of people you have to use a video editor to edit the video add many new filters and other things to it. You would have to add some songs, special effects, and other animations to make your reels attractive. Today we are going to tell you about some important video editor for reels. Using these apps can help you edit your videos. They are helpful apart from Instagram reels editor. You can edit your local videos too. We will only tell you about the apps that work both on Androids and on iPhones.

Here are Five video editor for reels. 

1- Instagram App

2- Kine Master

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3- Viva

4- InShot

5- Filmora Go

1- Instagram App for Instagram reels editor

Not many people would advise you to use the inbuilt editor provided by the Instagram app to edit your videos. However, I would recommend you to use this app if you do not want to use a third-party app. There are many benefits of using the inbuilt video editor for reels.

Video Editor App for Instagram Reels

You would not have to give permission to some third-party app. It would be better for your security and privacy.

If your phone has less RAM then an inbuilt editor is good for you.

In it, you can add music, Animation, emojis.

You can also increase or decrease the speed of your video.

You can tag your friends and other people in your video using Instagram reels editor.

2- Kine Master 

After the inbuild reels editor, Kine Master is the 2nd app that I would advise you to use. The app not only works as a video editor for reels. It also works if you want to edit your youtube video. If you are making a blog or any other video I would advise you to use this app. There are many benefits to using this app.

Top 5 Free Video Editor App for Instagram Reels [Cinematic, Transition]

The app is very easy to use. Its interface makes it easy to operate.

One of the best things about this app is that it works on 4k videos too. In the app, you can use many filters.

It gives you the freedom to make your video play in reverse mode.

Kine master video editor for reels is a good way to learn to edit if you are a beginner.

The app is available to use for free. But to remove the watermark of Kine Master you have to buy its premium version.

3- Viva Video for a video editor 

The third best video editor is Video. I love this app for its transparency. In the list of Instagram reels editor, the app is loved by millions of users. On the play store, it has 4+ stars and good reviews. Apart from giving the option to edit your videos, it gives you an option to edit your music too. Some of the important features are mentioned below.

Top 5 Free Video Editor App for Instagram Reels [Cinematic, Transition]

As you can see in the image it gives the users an option to add multiple music clips to their videos.

It also allows you to add multiple emojis and several text messages.

In the app, you can also add transition videos if you like.

4- InShot

Inshot is probably the best Video Editor for reels I have used in years. Apart from its smooth app transition, it gives its users many options to chose from. On the play store, it has more than 100 million installs and 4.8 stars by 7 million people. some of the important features of this app are given below.

You can cut, crop, and paste your video in this app.

Apart from that, the video gives you the freedom to add many features that are premium in many video editing apps.

You can add different video effects, Stickers, and pre-added texts in your videos.

You can adit videos to look more beautiful.

5- Filmora Go for a video editor 

If you are an influencer or a professional reel creator this is the app for you. In this app, you get many features that make your editing feel professional. It has a feature that makes simple videos look like a movie. In this app, you can add many videos and make them one. Read below for more details related to this app.

Top 5 Free Video Editor App for Instagram Reels [Cinematic, Transition]

There are many filters available in this app that make your video look great. Users can cut crop and trim their videos.

You can add different backgrounds to the videos.

You can add a watermark and many other filters to your videos.

If you want to add a song you can add it using the app.

Hope you like our list of top Instagram reels editor. Also, do tell us about your favourite video editor for reels in the comment section.

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