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Home Celebrities Who Is Katie Holmes Dating? Justin Theroux? Current Status, Timeline & More

Who Is Katie Holmes Dating? Justin Theroux? Current Status, Timeline & More


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Before getting into the life of Katie’s life and knowing about who is Katie Holmes and her relationship status. In fact, the rumors about Katie Holmes dating Justin Theroux started coming out recently, which pops up many questions. Let’s get to know about her a little bit.

Who Is Katie Holmes? 

Katie Holmes is a popular American actress and she is in the industry for the past 2 decades as she started her career way back in 1997. Katie Holmes’s most famous character was Joey Potter in Dawson’s Creek. She has done an amazing job as an actress in films like – Jack and Jill, Don’t be afraid of the Dark, The singing detective, and many more on the list.

She has also been a producer of the finest of her works like – All My Sons, All we had, etc. But other than her successful career, her romantic love life and relationship timeline has always attracted a lot of attention. So let’s get to know about that.

Katie Holmes Dating Justin Theroux Now!

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Who Is Katie Holmes Dating? Justin Theroux? Current Status, Timeline & More
Katie Holmes & Justin Theroux

Katie Holmes dating Justin Theroux has been all over the news and articles. However, it’s just a made-up pair and a hoax that has spread like a high tide. As of now Katie Holmes is dating no one and is staying single. She is trying to spend more time with her own self and focusing on herself.

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Relationship History And Timeline:

The relationship history of Katie Holmes dating has really got the biggest names in the industry. She has always been linked with some of the most desirable ones. However, the love life has remained great but yet complex for her. Let’s have a look at her relationship history:

Who Is Katie Holmes Dating? Justin Theroux? Current Status, Relationship Timeline And History
Katie Holmes with Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise: Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes shared 7 big and precious years of relationship. They started dating in 2005, got married in 2006, and shared a beautiful bond in between. However, their divorce in 2012 came as a shock to all, and then they head their separate ways.

Katie Holmes with Jamie Foxx

Jamie Foxx: Katie Holmes dated the star Jamie Foxx in a secret way since 2013. They were quite successful in keeping it private for a long six years. But as they came out openly about their relationship, things also got ended in 2019.

Most recent Katie Holmes dating connected a name to a list which turned out to be -Emilio Vitolo: Emilio Vitolo. They are reported to be dating towards the end of 2020. Also, the display of love made it very evident for fans and surely they made quite a couple.

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