Among Us Mod Menu Hack Apk 2021.4.2 (Always Imposter, No Ban, All Skin Unlock and More) Download Link


Who Among Us is the imposter? The most cherished pastime game keeps on growing impressive day by day. But there is still some Hack that players unaware of; how they can use it to fool around and influence the game. So, Today we will discuss all Among Us hack Mod Menu 2021.4.2 Apk features and Among Us hack apk.

The game has become more intriguing and complex with the latest Among Us Mod Menu apk. Also, there are a lot of Among Us hacks which can be used surely to gain triumph.

Among Us hack mod menu apk is a Multi-member strategic online game that includes players to act as Crewmates and imposter. Every member has their own task which they have to fulfil, meanwhile, the imposter executes its sabotage plan and kills the crewmates without getting noticed. Crewmates can also use various hacks to find the imposter/imposters. Contrary, an imposter has to be smart and ruin the task without getting noticed.

What is Among Us Mod Menu APK

First of all, let’s get you familiar with this app we are talking about. It’s not that it is different from the normal Among Us game. However, this app has some pretty great advantages. We all know what happens in the Among Us game. We make a team of 6 to 10 people and there are 1 to 4 imposters. But there is a catch a player can not choose to be an imposter. This is where Among Us Hack APK comes in. The app gives us an option to chose to be the imposter.

There are other features that the app provides. So, to know all the exclusive features provided by Among Us Mod Menu APK read the article from start to end.

Among Us Hack Mod Menu Apk Features

The Among us hack apk has many useful features that can be used to enhance the experience. Here are the top features of the app.

  • Always Imposter
  • Free Skin, Hat, and pets
  • Control of Lights
  • Changing username
  • More than 10 players
  • No Meeting Cooldown
  • No Kill Cooldown
  • Seeing Ghosts and chatting with them
  • Influencing Vote
  • Controlling vent
  • Hacking Chat

Among Us Mod Menu Hack Apk 2021.4.2 (Always Imposter, No Ban, All Skin Unlock and More) Download Link

1) Always Imposter 

Among Us hack Mod Menu apk has come up with the feature through which one can constantly become an imposter. It is known to be the most anticipated addition of all time. Now players who have a keen love for becoming an imposter can choose to be one, all the time. Yes! it means players can be an imposter in all of the games, it’s up to them. They don’t have to be crewmates if they don’t want to be. Subsequently, this feature addition has made players satisfied.

2) Personalized Looks (Skin, pets, hats)

In the Among Us hack Mod Menu apk, there is an addition of customization feature. Through, Among Us, Hack apk players can use it to get the look of their choice. Instead of paying to let your desired look, now it’s available for free. In this gamers can customize their skin tone, Pet, Hat, and clothes.

3) Speed Hack

Run or get killed! In the Among Us hack Mod Menu apk there is an addition of a new feature that lets players increase their movement pace. Usually, it’s not that useful unless or until an imposter is chasing you. At that time gamers can speed up to run, or Imposter can speed up to catch their prey.

4) Immediate Kill

Immediate kill is the best Among us hack apk if an individual likes steady winning. Through this one can click a single time on the option and it will initiate the immediate kill. Yes! It means it will kill all the others mates at once through among us hack mod menu apk. It is beneficial for the Imposter to end the game immediately in case if he is losing or in case he wants to end the game immediately with triumph.

5) Light hack

The light hack is one of the most cunning features that imposter can use to fool around. If you are an imposter you can divert the light or reduce the vision of the other mates. On contrary, crew members can also use among us hack apk by diverting the light and distracting the imposter and run at the time of the kill.

6) Social App

Among Us, mod menu apk has become more than just a game. It provides a feature where players can have a conversation with each other while playing. Moreover, in Among us hack mod menu apk they can team up to make the fools as well. As they can also have private or group conversations. It is known to be the second-best social game application after PUBG.

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7) See-through Walls

What if I tell you, you can see through the wall and spy on other members, would that be crazy? In fact, that is possible now. Among Us, mod menu apk provides the player with see-through walls. This Among Us hack apk is very useful as it helps players spy on other members who are in the same arena. It makes it easy to find the imposter or lookout for threats from the imposter.

8) Members Ghosts

Member Ghost is another addition to the Among Us Hack mod apk. Through it, we can see deceased members ghosts lurking around. But Among Us hack apk about the feature is ghosts can interfere in the task of other members or help their other mates to figure regarding the real culprit.

9) Ultimate Win Hack

The players can use Among Us hack Mod menu apk Ultimate win feature to get the sure win. Through this hack, it is guaranteed win but it also takes out the fun of the chase and detective work. However, players who like the ultimate winning can use this Among Us Hack menu apk in their favour.

10) Distance Light

Distance lighting is amazing among us hack which can be used to increase the light at the time when imposter or other mates is trying to sabotage crewmates play. This Among Us hacks mod menu apk can be used to increase the light at that time.

11) No More Advertisements

Mod menu apk provides No advertisement feature which makes the play fun and disturbance less. Advertisements are the most annoying part of any game unless you have paid version which not everyone can afford. Nevertheless, now it is available Advertisement free.

Among Us Mod Menu Hack Apk 2021.4.2 (Always Imposter, No Ban, All Skin Unlock and More) Download Link

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12) Emergency Meeting

Calling an emergency meeting without a timmer on the head or making a kill is the best possible distraction in Among Us hack mod menu apk. This Among Us hack apk can be used by an imposter to get other members in confidence that he is not the culprit, though it can also backfire.

13) Spam Texting

In Among Us Mod menu apk, an imposter can set spam text which will appear whenever they kill. This one of the best Among Us Hack apk which can be used to distract other players while imposter prey on its target.

14) Distance Targets 

Through long-distance kill Among Us Hack mod menu apk players can hit the target even from a long distance. The imposter can be far away from the prey and still can make a kill. Through this, it makes it difficult to analyze who the real culprit is. It is the go Among Us Hack apk whenever the culprit is near many mates and still want to make a kill without getting caught.

Among Us Hack APK Details

Apk Name

Among Us Hack APK

Apk Version
Apk Size 63.5 MB
Lastly, Updated on  4/April/2021
Price Free
Android Support Yes
Ads No

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The game has won much heart and its number of players are increasing rapidly. Although the Among us hack mod apk seems complex to some players, through hacks it can still be used in favour to win the game. All you need is practice. Moreover, with the use of the former Among Us Hack apk one can surely win the game. Moreover, Among us Mod menu apk has changed the level of the game in fact its updated menu has witnessed much appreciation. The maker of the game has analyzed the need of the time and updates with the features that enticed the fans. The game is totally worth the play now.

So who is up for Among Us? If have any query or Hack you want to share you tell us in the comment section.

Among Us Mod Menu Hack Apk 2021.4.2 (Always Imposter, No Ban, All Skin Unlock and More) Download Link


About Among Us Hack Mod Menu Apk

1) Can you Always become an imposter?

Yes, you can always become an imposter in Among Us mod menu apk

2) Does the latest Mod menu apk have Ads?

No, Among Us mod menu does not contain advertisements.

3) How to get different skins?

You can apply the Among Us Hack Mod menu apk to get distinct appearances including skins, pets, and hats.

Among Us Hack GamePlay

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