My Hero Academia Chapter 309/ 310 Read Online- Spoiler, Release Date

My Hero Academia released their 5th season recently and reached chapter 308. The author is all set to premiere their next- My Hero Academia Chapter 309. The release date is officially confirmed. Scroll down to know about the release date, the spoiler, where to read online. Do You know that My Hero Academia is also adapted as an anime series also? You can watch the series on Netflix.

My Hero Academia Chapter 309 Spoilers

The spoilers for Chapter 309 of My Hero Academia is currently not surfaced yet. Fans are saying that the spoilers will be available a few days before the official English translation. So, guys, wait for a while for the initial release of this chapter.

My Hero Academia Chapter 309/ 310 Read Online- Spoiler, Release Date

When is the release date for My Hero Academia Chapter 309?

My Hero Academia Chapter 309 will release on 18th April which is Sunday. The author apologized for the delay off this chapter release. It will release around midnight that in Japanese Standard Time. The time interval is different for different countries. For the Pacific time, it is around 9 am, central time at 11 am, eastern time at 2 pm noon, Bristish Time 4 pm, and European time at 5 pm. As we told you already, remember that the raw scans will be available first.

 My Hero Academia Chapter 308 Chapter Explained In A nutshell?

My Hero Academia Chapter 309/ 310 Read Online- Spoiler, Release Date

My Hero Academia Chapter 308 is called Full Power. The chapter starts with Deku looking down on Muscular from the top building while holding Grand who is unconscious. While Deku is distracted, Muscular jumps in front to attack him and the battle between them starts. Deku hand over Grand to Turtle Neck to continue the fight. They all still tried to fight back Muscular with their powers. Muscular used smoke to block and defeat them easily. Deku uses a hoverboard to avoid the smoke because it blurs his vision. After a bit later, Muscular is caught with the black whip and tries to free himself. But he frees himself and tries to defeat them again He isn’t able to defeat them because he has no power because of the previous attack. The chapter finishes with Deku smashing his stomach with his full power.

Where To Read Online

My Hero Academia Chapter 309 will be available here to read for free as soon as the chapter is released. My Hero Academia is available to read on Viz Media or Hulu.

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