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Jimmy Kimmel Net Worth 2021: Career, Lifestyle & Assets

Jimmy Kimmel Net Worth 2021: Wealth Assets & More

James Christian Kimmel more popularly known as Jimmy Kimmel is widely popular for hosting his own talk show ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live!’, and is of course the producer of the talk time show. Kimmel has worn many hats, but he is mostly true to his original trade which is blissful comedic timing, and his witty way around with words. For full coverage on Jimmy Kimmel Net Worth 2021 keep reading

Born in the youthful city of Brooklyn, New York, the eldest of his siblings along with whom Kimmel was raised in a catholic environment. At the age of 9, Kimmel along with his family moved to Las Vegas, where he spent the rest of his teenage life before receiving an honorary degree from UNLV in the year 2013.

Jimmy Kimmel Net Worth 2021

Who Is Jimmy Kimmel & What Is Jimmy Kimmel Net Worth 2021, Lifestyle & Asests

The Jimmy with the ‘beard’, gets most of his green from hosting and producing his own talk show called the ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live!’. Jimmy invites guests on his show, to ask them questions about their recent projects or reminiscences about their previous visits. The most loved guests on the show are none other than his very close friends Matt Damon, Ben Affleck, and his previous neighbor, John Krasinski who is known for a long train of pranks along with Kimmel. As of now, Jimmy Kimmel Net Worth 2021 sums up to be $50 million. A major chunk of this net worth comes from the salary that he receives a sum of $12 million hosting his talk show.

A Little Insight In His Guests

Jimmy Kimmel Net Worth 2021: Wealth Assets & More

Kimmy Kimmel with Matt Damon

The most treasured guest that has been on the Jimmy Kimmel Live! is the Jason Bourne starring Matt Damon; well he may not have been invited in a more orderly manner like the others but this guest does add a little spice to Kimmel’ life. As the pandemic hit a lot of life was affected, and Kimmel was no exception and to put the show on a hiatus. And instead of inviting guests to come to show in person, they had to stick to more virtual interviews. Though Kimmel’s monologues didn’t have a live audience, he was very precise on his thoughts about the day-to-day happenings and also gave a comedic twist to them while still maintaining his standpoint.

Jimmy Kimmel Career

An American dream. Jimmy Kimmel does it all. He is a comedian, host, writer as well producer of his very own show! He has the heart of the world and also his family. He is not the only host of shows but is also the host of Primetime Emmy Awards in 2012, 2016, and 2020, and the Academy Awards in 2017 and 2018.

Jimmy has produced many hits in the entertainment industry including a Sports Show with Norm Macdonald, and The Andy Milonakis Show. His career took off really well and he was among the top 10 influencers in 2018.

Jimmy Kimmel’s journey is light but inspiring. he started out on the radio. He started doing live host shows in high school UNLV’s college station. It was a Sunday night interview show. He got his first paid job and starred with Voss in The Me and Him Show.

Jimmy Kimmel Net Worth 2021: Career, Lifestyle & Assets

In 1990, he got fired. Then he started his own show on KCMJ in Palm Springs. He also recruited Carson Daly as an intern. They both were awesome childhood friends and now in business as well. For the Kevin and Bean morning show, he was “Jimmy the Sports Guy”.

Being a writer, Jimmy also released a book. He wrote The Serious Goose which is a children’s book with illustrations. Drawn, made, illustrated, and written by him. In his book, everyone tries to make the serious goose laugh.

Reluctant to go into the television he wrote for the fox broadcasting company. Seeing the talent, he soon began doing the promotions himself! He then went on as a comedian in Win Ben Stein’s Money after rejecting a lot of offers. He definitely had talent and now the experience as well. His main aim was to do what he liked. It was never really about the money. He rejected all the projects he did not like! He also created and produced a show under Jackhole Productions, Crank Yankers for Comedy Central.

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