One Punch Man Chapter 145/144 Release date & Spoilers

One Punch Man Chapter 145 Release date

The release dates of the previous chapters have not followed any particular pattern, hence we can’t deduce the release date of One Punch Man Chapter Chapter 145. The fans of this amazing manga series are steeped in anticipation for Saitama’s grand arrival, but they might have to wait a bit longer as the chapters would be releasing as soon as they are completed. But If we have to speculate One Punch Man Chapter 145 is expected to release on 24 April 2021.

 One Punch Man Chapter 144 Explained

After Homeless Emperor, Fuhrer Ugly and Black Sperm took down the Child Emperor and Zombieman in the most deadly ways possible, Homeless Emperor and Black Sperm took off to tackle down the strongest hero in the association which would clearly be Tatsumaki in the absence of Saitama, probably. Though Tatsumaki was able to fend off the continuous barrage of attacks from Homeless Emperor, but she was already holding onto her last straws after leading the whole expedition and was seriously injured again sue to these attacks. She somehow managed to reach her sister, but she only saw Fubuki gravely injured which only managed to enrage her greatly. As Tatsumaki began to blindly go on a rampage in order to find the person who hurt her dear sister, Fubuki soon stopped Tatsumaki from taking any harsh actions and explained to her the conviction that she has to become a hero.

One Punch Man chapter 145 release date, spoilers, chapter 144 explained

And also explained that she knew why Tatsumaki never trusted anyone else, but after stopping Fubuki and the old geezers movements Tatsumaki told Fubuki that she has grown stronger. After Tatsumaki left to deal with the reinforcements who are desperately after heroes lives, then Genos and Bang soon left to aid Tatsumaki after assuring Fubuki that they’ll protect her at all costs. Soon we see the rest of the Council of Swordmasters arrive along with Nichirin’ disciple Spring Mustachio, and soon mentioned that they can let loose in such a huge and empty land.

We then witness Tanktop Master desperately clinging onto his life by holding off Gums from eating him alive; who is soon aided by Pig God which in turn only manages to enrage Gums. Fuhrer Ugly also mentions the same while ripping out Sweet Mask’ hand. After Tatsumaki comes to their aid, Pig God manages to escape along with sweet mask as Tanktop Master throws the away from the dangerous situation. Soon Fuhrer Ugly goes on a rampage and knocks out Tatsumaki and breaks each and very bone in Tanktop Master’ body and fed him to Gums. Soon we see Fuhrer Ugly diverting his attention to a now unconscious Tatsumaki which is never a good sign.

Where to Read One Punch Man Manga

You can Read One punch man online here. Chapter 144 will be available to read here as soon as the chapter is released. You can also read One Punch Man on Viz Media. If you want to watch the anime, you can watch it on Crunchyroll, Netflix Japan, or Funimation.

 More About The MangaOne Punch Man chapter 145 release date, spoilers, chapter 144 explained

The manga introduces an overpowered protagonist named Saitama, but no it isn’t the result of any cheat codes just sheer hard work. He began this journey in order to get stronger, but while going through all these painstaking events he turned bald. Currently, Saitama is on a journey to find an enemy who is strong enough to withstand at least a single punch from him. The Hero association which was formed because of the deeds of Saitama during his hairy days is also been developing at an incredible rate.

Expected Characters of One Punch Man- Next Chapter

  • Saitama is the main character who is a bald-headed 25-year-old man.
  • Genos is a 19-year-old main character and the disciple of Saitama.
  • Dr. Kuseno is a scientist who changed Genos onto a cyborg.
  • Zeniru is a middle-aged multi-millionaire.
  • Shibabawa is a old lady known as a famous fortune-teller.
  • Charanko is a lone martial artist at Bang’s dojo.
  • The bomb is Bang’s older brother and martial arts, master.
  • Flashy Flash is the S-Class Rank 13 professional hero.
  • Manako is a monster of the Monster Association.


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