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PUBG Mobile India Release Date, Everything You Need To Know


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When we got the news that the Indian Govt is banning many Chinese apps we were relieved. But there were some unexpected apps on the list. For example PUBG and Tik Tok. When PUBG lovers got the news they were destroyed. Some of them posted it on social media and went awol. They wanted to ask the govt some harsh questions. Now after a year of banning the app, the govt might be willing to unban it again. So, what is the fuss behind PUBG Mobile India Release? In this post, we will tell you everything you need to know about the multiplayer online game. So, let’s start discussing PlayerUnkown’s Battlegrounds.

PUBG Mobile India Release Date 

A few days ago we got the news that PUBG has started hiring employees for its Indian workspace. We all were very shocked when we got the news. Now a company would never hire employees if they are not going to have business in some country. So, now people started to assume that the govt might be willing to remove the ban. A few PUBG experts told in their gameplay that PUBG is all set to release its new map in India. However, the PUBG Mobile India Release Date is not confirmed yet.

New Maps And New Features 

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PUBG content creator Luv Sharma said that the govt has approved the relaunch of the game in the Indian market. He also said that there are some new maps being developed for its Indian customers. A few months ago we heard the news that PUBG has released a new map for its players in other countries. But as of now, we can not say anything for sure. It is said that the new version of the game might be called PUBG’s new state India.

Other Things About PUBG India 

PUBG Mobile India Release might feature some new features for its Indian players. In India, most people play the game using VPN and installing different versions of the game. But recently the developers of the game made a few announcements. They said that they will deny access to all these unofficial players.

PUBG Mobile

But nothing has been said by the govt official. So, if you are someone who believes all these rumors then you can believe that the game will release shortly in India. But if you want to stay out of these rumors then it is advised to wait for the official news.

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