Who is Jake Paul dating? Erika Costell? Relationship History, Timeline and More

Who is Jake Paul? 

  • The 24 years old Jake Paul is really very handsome and is charming.
  • Jake Paul is a professional boxer, internet personality, YouTuber, rapper, and also actor.
  • He is really a person filled up with so many different talents. Most amazing thing is that he does exceptionally well in all the fields.
  • His movies and shows like – Dance Camp, Airplane mode, and Bizaardvark gave him real recognition and love from all.
  • More than this people are also curious about Jake Paul dating history and relationship timeline.

Jake Paul dating Erika Costell!!! 

Well when it comes to dating, Jake Paul has always been messing up things and making it unclear. It cannot be very whether they are actually dating or not because things always went on and off.

Who is Jake Paul dating? Erika Costell? Relationship History, Timeline and More

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Jake Paul dating Erika Costell started in 2018 and then they got broke up in the month of November. Things got more complex as they did that “Fake Marriage” stunt and also got a lot of criticism for that.

Relationship History and Timeline:

Jake Paul is at his young age and is just now heading towards a really bright future in the industry. And in these times he is actually having a great time. So let’s get to know about Jake Paul dating history and relationship timeline:

  • Julia Rose: Julia Rose was the most recent girl linked up with Jake Paul. The duo dated each other in 2020 and also got separated. But there are some rumors of them getting reunited.
  • Tana Mongeau: Before Julia, Jake Paul was in a serious relationship with Tana Mongeau. The duo started dating each other after the split of Tana and her husband.
  • Tessa Brooks: Jake Paul dated the actor, model, and dancer Tessa Brooks in 2017. The duo really looked cute together but in the end, things didn’t work out in the way they wanted.
  • Alissa Violet: We can say that Alissa Violet was the first serious and public date of Jake Paul. They started dating in 2016 and continued till 2017. Then they got separated.

This was all about Jake Paul dating history and timeline.

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