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One Piece Episode 972 Release Date, Spoiler, Recap And More


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If you are an anime fan you must be familiar with the Animation series One Piece which has complete many years in the industry and soon premiering its next episode. Keep reading to know all about shows One piece Episode 972 Release Date, Spoilers, and where to watch.

So who is excited to see Oden standing up against Kaido? But before we talk about spoiler alert let’s get some recap.


Before moving forward with One piece episode 972, let’s get a little recap about the previous episode. Previously, on the Open piece episode 971, we have watched Oden has already arrived at Kaido’s territory with its pirates, to fight against him. Meanwhile, one to the Odens man turns out to a traitor and passes out his secrets. which end up alerting Kaido and his man and then they were really with their man to fight against Odens team.

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In episode 971 we watched Oden’s meet with Orcohi, where he tried to memorize the previous 5 years of his life. Further, he told him about the promise he made to him a long time ago. But Orochi seemed to forget it all. Later oden met Akazaya Nine and mention to him his plans regarding the attack.

The war will finally unleash and in the upcoming One Piece Episode 972, we will surely watch the fight. Moreover, the upcoming episode is going to present the most awaited scenes including Odens’ fight with Kaido and Kaido’s dragon. Especially the part where he will slice open the dragon’s chest. Everyone is anticipating to know if Oden will be able to beat Kaido this time or not? or will the series take another turn?

One Piece Episode 972: Spoiler Alert!

In the upcoming episode of Open piece, we are expecting a lot of twists and turns. In Episode 972 we are expecting Oden’s fight against Kaido. Moreover, we also have an intuition something terrible will happen as Daimyo is all up for a brawl.

Further, there might be a fight between the pirates and the Kaido. Meanwhile, Shogun’s son will try to take back the land of Wano. Also, Kind and queen were also witnessed in the clip. It would be very interesting to see what will happen in the upcoming episode. But when One Piece episode 972 release date?

One Piece Episode 972 Release Date, Spoiler, Recap And More

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One Piece Episode 972 Release Date

The show is premiering its next episode under the title “The End of the Battle” which we are interpreting as referring to Oden and Kaido’s fight. The upcoming show is all set to be released on 2nd May 2021 according to the JST. But it will be available to its official channels where fans can easily catch it. Check out your options below, where you can easily catch the episode.

Where To Watch?

One piece is available on many platforms. It is originally premiering in Japanese but at some places translation in English is also available namely on Crunchyroll and Funimation. Meanwhile, in Australia and New Zealand, it also premiering AnimeLab.

The fans who have missed any of the previous episodes can easily catch them with the latest upcoming ones at Hulu and Netflix.

Let us know in the comment section what do you think will happen next on the One Piece Episode 972.

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